‘OutDaughtered’: Fans Can’t Believe Danielle Busby Had Quintuplets After This Instagram Photo

TLC is home to plenty of interesting families, and the Busbys from OutDaughtered are fan favorites. Adam and Danielle Busby attained fame for having the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S., and with their older daughter, Blayke, this means they’re taking care of six daughters altogether.

There’s no doubt Adam and Danielle have their hands full, as taking care of six children under the age of 9 is no easy task. And while the quints are growing up fast, Danielle has shared photos and stories of her unique pregnancy with the world. Now, it’s surprising to see the tiny mom after carrying five babies at once. And her recent Instagram photo of her in a bikini has fans shocked. Here’s what she posted.

Danielle Busby has had to fend off plastic surgery rumors in the past

Looking at Danielle Busby, you’d never know she was once pregnant with quintuplets. But the mom of six is an avid fitness lover and healthy eater — and running around to take care of her kids keeps her in good shape, too. Even with all of her healthy habits, plastic surgery rumors have persisted over the years, however. Danielle maintains that she’s never once had work done and instead just works hard to stay in shape.

Adam Busby has also taken the time to dismiss any claims that Danielle has had a tummy tuck in the past. Danielle posted this photo showing herself in a bikini back in July, and a fan questioned, “In the past when moms of multiples have babies they have a tummy tuck or some kind of plastic surgery to get rid of excess skin. Did you have any kind of surgery?” To that, Adam answered, “No tummy tuck. She is just very blessed with good genetics and a strong work ethic for working out.”

Fans just freaked out over this photo of Danielle in a bikini (again)

Danielle’s clearly comfortable with her looks, as she just posted another photo of herself in a bikini to Instagram with two of her friends. And her fans immediately took to the comments to question how she looks so great after having six children.

As one follower wrote, “Unbelievable….I can’t believe you gave birth to that many babies!” And another added, “How heck does Danielle have a figure like that when she had 5 babies.” Yet another wrote, “You all look amazing, but seriously Danielle you gave birth to FIVE BABIES AT ONCE with that body??? Girl, you go!!”

Since this is far from the first time Danielle’s posted herself in swimwear, it’s apparent she’s super comfortable with the posts, too. Not only that, but she also posts photos of her fitness feats — like her handstands — to the ‘gram.

Danielle’s followers also came to her defense with the plastic surgery questions

Despite Adam reminding everyone that Danielle’s never had a tummy tuck, it seems some of her followers still question whether or not she’s had work done. But her followers have actually come to her defense.

As one follower critiqued, “she’s stunning. But there was some plastic. Surgery. No amount of exercise can fix the damage an extreme multiple pregnancy does to a woman’s body. The skin stretching alone.” To that, another answered, “she didn’t have surgery (this is a statement her husband made plus…when the heck would she have had time for that!?). She gave birth at 28 weeks and was the same size as a full term single baby. Some of us were blessed like that and don’t get stretch marks.” And many others agreed with the second commenter and echoed Adam’s sentiment that Danielle’s simply blessed.

We’re all envious of Danielle’s level of fitness — and we’re excited to hopefully get even more workout tips from her in the future. Here’s to Danielle fearlessly showing the world how powerful and awesome a mom of six can be!

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