‘OutDaughtered’: Fans on Instagram Love That Danielle Busby Finally Made This Change for the Quintuplets

It’s hard to decide which reality TV families are worth watching these days, but the Busbys on TLC’s OutDaughtered have proven themselves to be loving and totally authentic. Adam and Danielle Busby attained fame for having the first set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S., and with their older daughter, Blayke, that makes six daughters altogether. The couple shares their daily struggles and wins with their viewers, so we all get a glimpse into the busy life of the Busbys.

Not only do Adam and Danielle make an extremely likable couple, but they’re also making great choices for their daughters that fans are praising. And Danielle made a subtle decision on a recent Instagram post that fans are absolutely loving. Here’s what her followers noticed.

The quintuplets are already 4 years old and growing into their personalities

With six children all under the age of 9 years old, doing everyday tasks proves to be challenging enough. And there’s no doubt Adam and Danielle Busby are absolute superheroes for making time for themselves and their little girls. While the couple may have thought the hard stage was behind them now that the quints are growing out of their toddler phase, it seems some challenges are just beginning. All of the quints are growing into their personalities now that they’re 4, and Danielle and Adam do their best to honor that and treat each child as their own unique person.

We know the twins, Ava and Olivia, as the goofiest quints. As for Riley, she’s the “boss baby” and the smartest of them all. Hazel is known as the sweet, caring child, and Parker Kate is the shy, observant one. Adam and Danielle also make sure to give Blayke, who’s now 8, one-on-one time as well.

Fans have praised Adam and Danielle for treating each child uniquely

It’s easy to group all of the quints together, but fans have already seen evidence that Adam and Danielle are treating them totally differently. Since the school year just began, Riley is entering kindergarten while her sisters remain in pre-K. Given what we’ve seen on OutDaughtered, viewers are well-aware that Riley scored the highest on her school tests, which is why she’s a grade above the others. And while this is just one example of how Adam and Danielle are working with each quint’s specific strengths and weaknesses, fans noticed and are praising them.

As a fan commented on this photo of four of the quints, “I am so glad you let her [Riley] be her own person! They are not clones of each other. It is wonderful that you see them as individuals. Not all multiple parents do.” Another commented, “I think it’s great that @dbusby and @adambuzz recognize the unique gifts each child has and advocates for each child!”

Fans love that Danielle didn’t dress all the quintuplets in the same outfit in this photo

While Adam and Danielle do their best to treat the girls as individuals, fans have grown tired of how the couple chooses to dress the quints in all the same outfits. As one fan wrote critically on this Instagram photo of four of the quints, “We have quads closeby and I love their matching but non identical style (4 girls). Busby explained they do it to be able to identify as a group when out and about, but meh, we see them identical clothed 95% of the time [sic].”

While dressing all the quints the same most likely helps with keeping track of them while they’re out and about (and also probably eliminates some conflict at home), it seems Danielle finally broke the mold. In this Instagram photo, the quints are all featured in totally different outfits. “Oh my, they look so grown and different not wearing the same outfits,” one fan commented. Another wrote, “They look so cute! Love that they have on different dresses!” Yet another added, “They look wonderful not dressed the same. Great job Danielle. I thought it was time to start letting them dress differently. They’re all adorable and show their taste and personality by how they dress.”

It looks like we may be seeing more individual outfits coming from the girls in the future now that they’re getting older. We’ll have to wait and see what the next season of OutDaughtered has in store.

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