‘OutDaughtered’: Fans Think Adam and Danielle Busby Give 1 Child More Attention Than the Rest

Fans of the Busby quints can rejoice, as TLC’s OutDaughtered is coming back with new episodes in June. To catch viewers up to speed, Adam and Danielle Busby have six daughters — one older daughter, Blayke, and 3-year-old quintuplets. Danielle has discussed before how difficult it was for her to get pregnant in the past. And while she never envisioned herself having the only group of all-female quintuplets in the U.S., she and Adam view it as a blessing and are raising their big family for all the world to see.

There’s no doubt Adam and Danielle love their kids, but fans seem to think one of the quintuplets gets more attention than the rest. Here’s who they think the Busby parents favor.

Hazel Busby stands out the most amongst the Busby quints

The Busby quints are adorable, but it can be tough to tell them apart — that is, except for Hazel. Romper notes Hazel wears white glasses to correct an eye condition known as nystagmus. This condition causes the eyes to make uncontrollable, repetitive moments, and Hazel even got surgery back in Season 2 of the show to help with the placement of one of her eyes.

The surgery was particularly terrifying for Adam and Danielle at the time. As Danielle said in a clip of the show, “Surgery is just so scary to me.” And even Adam got majorly emotional on the show. “We’ve already been here with Hazel once and with her being my smallest baby … you’re a little bit more protective, I guess,” he told the cameras. “She has these conditions that the other babies don’t have and so you just kind of treat her a little bit different, and you hold her a little bit tighter, and you spend that little extra time with her.”

Fans think she may get more attention than any of the other quintuplets

Today, Hazel is still dealing with her eye condition, but she’s doing better than ever. And fans have noticed that Danielle and Adam seem to pay special attention to her, too. In Touch Weekly reminds us Adam often features short videos of him and Hazel spending quality time together, and as stated before, he seems to worry about her more than he worries about his other daughters. Could that be a sign that he’s not paying enough attention to the other five Busby kids? Some fans seem to think so.

As one Reddit user noted, “Is it just me that noticed or does or seem that Danielle and Adam favor Hazel over the rest of the quints …. Anytime Adam comes home from work all you can hear is ‘hazel basil’ [sic].” And another user in the same forum wrote, “I feel like they definitely give Hazel more attention because of her medical issues.” Other fans seem to think it’s just the producers who focus more on Hazel than any of the other quints. “I think it’s the editing. We see Hazel more because of her eye condition and she’s the easiest to recognize because of her glasses, so I’m sure the producers take advantage of that,” another said.

Others think Danielle may favor her oldest daughter, Blayke, over anyone

While plenty of fans seem to think Adam favors Hazel, others on Reddit believe Danielle gives most of her time and attention to Blayke. Blayke is 8 years old and is often seen helping her parents with the quintuplets, and some fans seem to think she’s Danielle’s favorite child. The original poster on Reddit noted this — though others who follow the Busbys think there’s a more reasonable explanation as to why Danielle may give Blayke a ton of attention.

“I’m not sure she favors Blake. I think she just has a lot of guilt about not being able to give her the time and attention she used to,” one Reddit user commented. And another added that they agree with this idea, as “It can’t be easy for Blayke to have quint sisters!”

No matter what, it’s clear Adam and Danielle Busby are doing their best to raise the girls fairly — and we can’t wait to see what the new season of the show has in store for the family.

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