‘OutDaughtered’: Fans Think Parker Busby Looks ‘Happy and Confident’ in This Instagram Post

The longer the Busbys are on TV via TLC’s OutDaughtered, the more we get to know each of Adam and Danielle Busby’s kids’ personalities. And there’s no doubt fans are already developing favoritism for a few of the Busby quints. As we know, Adam and Danielle are the first parents in the U.S. to have quintuplet daughters. And they also have their 8-year-old daughter, Blayke, to help out with the five 4-year-olds. Fans adore watching the family go through life — but it’s clear that one of the quints, Parker, has the most trouble being on-screen.

Parker seems to have a lot of anxiety, and Danielle and Adam have talked about it at length on the show. But fans think the child may be finally coming into her own after this Instagram post.

Parker Busby is known for having intense anxiety

The Busby kids grew up on TV, and many seem to like speaking to the cameras. And while Danielle has noted on her blog, It’s a Buzz World, that she never envisioned having her life be so public and televised, she believes God gave her the gift of six children so she could share her parenting with the world.

While most of Adam and Danielle’s kids seem fine with the cameras, there is one quintuplet who appears to have anxiety, and that’s Parker. There are multiple scenes on OutDaughtered (like during the Christmas carols and during the dental check-ups) where Parker appeared visibly frightened by the situation or the new people around her. And fans have definitely wondered whether TV is really the right path for Parker despite her parents’ good intentions. “If they REALLY want to help Parker since she doesn’t like ‘the spotlight’ as Danielle said, they should probably take her off the show,” a fan commented on this video.

Adam and Danielle have addressed Parker’s mental health with professionals

It seems Adam and Danielle think Parker’s anxiety issues are deep enough to warrant a consultation with an occupational therapist. As Adam said in this OutDaughtered clip, “I’m glad we’re taking this step and I’m hoping that we just come away with it with a better understanding of how we can help her.” Danielle also added that “Parker hates new things and being in the spotlight,” and she also noted that bringing attention to Parker during this doctor visit felt “backwards.” Even so, the doctor had a lot of insight for the couple.

“Parker is sweet — you can tell she is shy,” the OT notes in the clip. “When I would ask her questions, she really wouldn’t respond. She would look towards her parents.” The OT finally got Parker to play with a large inflatable ball, but it seems Adam also had to participate in order for her to feel comfortable with what was going on.

Fans think the quint looks better than ever in a recent Instagram post

Parker’s anxiety is something Danielle and Adam are well-aware of, but there’s no quick fix. It seems as she ages and gets more comfortable with the cameras around, she’s opening up a bit more like her sisters, however. Adam posted photos of Parker and one of the twins to his Instagram, as they’re modeling clothing from Danielle’s new boutique. “I swear Parker begs to try on samples and wants me to set up the studio for her,” Adam captioned his post.

Fans are noticing the severe change in Parker’s attitude from the photos, too. “The key is Dad is behind that camera and Parker feels secure so her comfort level is through the roof!” one fan commented. Another added, “Parker is coming out of her shell, that’s wonderful.” Yet another commented, “Lovely to see Parker being happy and confident.”

We’re hoping to see more of Parker’s personality on the upcoming season of OutDaughtered!

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