‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Think There’s 1 Aspect of the Show That Should’ve Never Been Filmed

From Jon and Kate Plus 8 to Counting On, TLC is known for featuring large, controversial families. But there’s a newer popular family taking over — and that’s the Busbys from OutDaughtered. Adam and Danielle Busby have the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S., and in addition to their older daughter, Blayke, that means the couple’s caring for six daughters total.

Adam and Danielle are fantastic parents, and they get super candid with viewers regarding what it’s really like raising six little girls. They keep it so real, in fact, that their followers think they should be better at protecting the quints’ privacy. And it seems many OutDaughtered fans think the cameras shouldn’t have been around for one aspect of filming.

Danielle Busby explained why she and Adam put their kids on TV

Adam and Danielle aren’t here for the drama. Instead, they’re on reality TV to show the world what raising six young girls, five of whom are quintuplets, is really like. And since the couple’s deeply religious, they also feel it’s God’s will for them to be on television and share the story of the quints on the small screen.

On Danielle’s It’s a Buzz World blog, she explained that she and Adam prayed to God to ask what direction they should be moving in — and TV appeared to be the way. “When we were faced with two big life decisions…we prayed about direction and the Lord showed us a path so we said yes!” she wrote. “Yes we said yes to keeping the 5 babies when we found out we were having five, and yes we said yes to a life of cameras around.”

As for why she thinks reality TV was the right path, she noted her “out of the norm scenarios,” like having quintuplets and the opportunity to be on television, led her to this conclusion. “We believe this is God’s path for us. He is the creator of this extraordinary story we have and life and we are called to share our story, so this is what we will do.”

Danielle and Adam shared their potty training experience with the cameras

From leaving the NICU as premature babies to their test scores as kids entering kindergarten and pre-K now, we’ve watched the quints grow up over the years. And Danielle and Adam have shared the good, the bad, and the ugly with their viewers. And when it comes to the ugly, the quints’ experience with potty training might be Adam and Danielle’s worst memory.

“Oh boy, potty training. That’s probably every parent’s nightmare phase,” Danielle told the OutDaughtered cameras.

Adam and Danielle further explained that while potty training Blayke was a breeze, such was not the case with the quints. Despite trying different reward systems and placing potties around the house, the quints hated going in them. And it got even worse when the young girls would go to the bathroom in their diapers and yank them off in the middle of the night.

“I really do think it was all based on timing and maturity that really made it kick in their little brains that, actually, it does feel better to pee and poop on the toilet,” Danielle said. “Just remember: Every kid’s different, but they’ll get there one day, maybe even later or way later than you thought.”

Fans think they should protect their kids’ privacy

OutDaughtered viewers took to the comments section of the YouTube video to share how they felt about watching the potty training segment.

“One day they’re all gonna look at this video and be so embarrassed,” one YouTube viewer wrote.

“If my parents talked about this on tv I would kill them when I was a teenager,” another wrote. “Watch the bullying begin for these poor kids when their peers discover these videos! YIKES!”

“Why would you film this? These children have a right to autonomy.”

As Adam and Danielle stated before, they’re not holding anything back when filming their kids. Hopefully, all of the Busby children will understand this in the future!

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