‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Think TLC Is Trying to Put a Rift in Danielle and Adam Busby’s Marriage

There are plenty of amazing families featured on TLC, but fans have grown quite attached to the Busbys. OutDaughtered features Adam and Danielle Busby, a happily married couple who are raising their 8-year-old daughter and 4-year-old female quintuplets. And while the journey certainly hasn’t been easy for the couple, they’re taking every day in stride and doing the best they can to be positive role models in all of their daughters’ lives.

We don’t often see Adam and Danielle argue, but recently, it seems they couldn’t come to an agreement regarding Adam’s job. And fans are starting to wonder if the network is causing issues for the couple that wouldn’t be there otherwise. Here’s what fans are saying.

Adam and Danielle Busby have dealt with divorce rumors in the past

Adam and Danielle prove they have a fantastic, loving relationship again and again. Just recently, they took to Instagram to share photos of their anniversary vacation, and they frequently talk about how important it is that they spend alone time together. Even with their strong relationship, they’ve had to deal with divorce rumors in the past. Though of course, they quickly dispelled any rumblings that their relationship may be in jeopardy.

The Hollywood Gossip reports Adam stood by his marriage via Twitter when a fan tweeted, “Why is it that almost every couple that gets a reality show on @TLC end up getting a divorce? If @AdamBuzz and @DanieBuzz decide to get one I’m done with that network!!! [sic].” To that, Adam tweeted back, “Guess you will be a lifelong @TLC viewer. The D word isn’t in our vocabulary. I love my wife more than the day i said ‘I DO.’ We are the real deal [sic].”

They went through recent drama revolving around Adam’s job

While divorce may not be on the brain, that doesn’t mean Adam and Danielle don’t go through rough patches. And recently on OutDaughtered, fans saw the couple quarrel over Adam’s potential future job. In Touch Weekly notes Adam was offered a seemingly lucrative new job — but it would require the family to relocate to Dallas, Texas. Danielle wanted Adam to turn the job down, as moving again would be extremely difficult with the kids. Adam agreed, and instead took a different job offer that offered similar financial opportunities without the big move. While many thought Danielle would be thrilled, she was upset he didn’t first consult her about it.

“Your husband accepted a good job to better you and your kids why are you angry? I’m away from my husband for months at a time with him being military and you’re upset he might have to leave for 2 times a month [sic],” the publication notes one fan commented. And many others seemed to call Danielle “selfish” for getting upset with Adam.

OutDaughtered fans think TLC is causing problems in Adam and Danielle’s relationship

Drama makes for good TV, and since Adam and Danielle have such a solid relationship, some fans are wondering if TLC is creating the drama to keep viewers interested. As one fan commented on this Instagram video, “Hey TLC do you intentionally try to end marriages? Curious seems like the drama is created by TLC.” And many others seemed to agree.

“It appears TLC perpetrates unnecessary drama around these families,” another fan said below the original comment. And another added, “TLC is predictable. I wish they would realize we just want more footage of the kids being kids and the family interacting.” And another believes Danielle and Adam are just fine, and it’s just the editing of the show that amps up the drama. “The way they cut and edit these things, you’d think they had a horrible marriage. Anyone who follows them knows they’re not a bickering couple like they’re made out to be by TLC,” the follower wrote.

No matter what drama may or may not be occurring in the Busby’s lives, we know they’ll get through it!

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