‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Want Everyone to Stop Judging Danielle Busby

There have been plenty of large families featured on TLC, but the Busbys from OutDaughtered have stolen our hearts. It all started with Danielle and Adam Busby. The happy couple struggled with infertility for years before having their oldest daughter, Blayke — and after that, Danielle then became pregnant again with quintuplets. And we’ve been watching the little ones grow up on screen ever since they were toddlers.

Like all folks on reality TV, Danielle and Adam aren’t immune to criticism. And while many have pointed out Danielle’s flaws, others are saying she’s being unfairly critiqued.

Danielle and Adam Busby are successfully juggling life with their 4-year-old quintuplets

Raising one child isn’t easy, and Danielle and Adam have six kids to raise, five of whom are 4 years old. And while the couple has said multiple times that they view their children as gifts from God and would never change a thing, they still deal with challenges many others can’t relate to. As Danielle said on her It’s a Buzz World blog, “It is not easy to be a mom of six girls…and it’s not easy to actually capture and film your life on the regular.” And when it comes to putting her family on reality TV, Danielle wrote in the same post that she believes God laid out this blueprint for her to follow, so she’s doing the best she can to share her story.

Adam loves his daughters, too, of course, but he’s also mentioned how hard it is raising them — and it’s only gotten more difficult as the quints have gotten older. People shared a clip of Adam attempting to work from home while also watching the quints — and he mentioned, “these girls are way, way, way worse than I could even have imagined. They’re terrible at sharing and they’re really super dramatic about it — like little birds chirping all day long, wanting attention.”

Some have called out Danielle for having a ‘demanding’ attitude

Danielle may come off as stern in certain moments when it comes to reprimanding the quints, but some fans seem to think she takes things a little too far. And some have even mentioned that they think Danielle could be the next Kate Gosselin in terms of the negativity she puts forth on screen. “Danielle is demanding and doesn’t care about her husband being the sole provider. They’re starting to be the new Jon and Kate,” one fan mentioned on this Instagram clip of the show.

Other OutDaughtered viewers also echoed the idea that Danielle was super demanding on this Instagram clip of the quints at school, too. “How do you put up with her Adam? Kinda want her off the show. She has no respect for your opinion. Of course finances are important but no she’s just busy making faces,” a fan commented. And another mentioned that Danielle “complains about everything it’s always got to be her way [sic].”

Many fans are supportive of Danielle and want others to stop judging her

On the same clip of the quintuplets at school, others stood up for Danielle, as they know the mom of six has a good heart and does the best she can with the resources she has. “She’s a stay at home Mom like millions of others in the country except with quint’s plus one & a husband who supports that decision and also chooses to be the main source of income [sic],” a fan defended. “Maybe instead of judging Danielle you should do some soul searching & figure out what insecurities you have within yourself and work on you ….”

Another also defended Danielle with this comment: “They are raising 6 kids; all of them are girls. I would like to see you try and raise 6 girls that are all yours.” Yet another fan supported the mom with, “I’m with Danielle!”

We know Danielle and Adam are incredibly strong-willed parents who know what’s best for their own kids, so we’re sure they pay the haters no mind. And we’re all excited to see what happens with the Busbys next.

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