‘OutDaughtered’: Hazel Busby Went Through a Whirlwind of Emotions Over Her New Glasses

We’ve been watching OutDaughtered for years, and it’s hard to believe just how fast Danielle and Adam Busby’s six daughters have grown. And while fans were saddened by how quickly the last season came and went, the Busbys are back with fresh new content. As we know, Danielle and Adam first attained fame for having the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. And now that the quintuplets are 4 years old, they’re all developing their own personalities and becoming quite the handful for the couple.

The quintuplets can certainly look similar, but there’s one who easily stands apart from all the rest. Hazel Busby has red hair and glasses, and we’ve been keeping up with her eye condition since she was born. Recently on the show, Hazel just got new glasses, too — and the little girl went through the gamut of emotions over it.

Hazel Busby has a serious eye condition called nystagmus

Hazel Busby certainly looks adorable with her glasses, but the reason she’s already wearing eye gear is because of a condition called nystagmus. The condition causes the 4-year-old’s eyes to move uncontrollably. It’s treatable, but so far, it looks like the treatment’s Hazel’s received can help her keep her symptoms at bay but not cure the condition completely.

We can’t forget that Hazel has gone in for eye surgery already, too. Back in 2016, Danielle detailed Hazel going under the knife for the issue during an episode of OutDaughtered. “I’m just nervous about what’s going to happen. Is she going to come out and everything went perfectly fine or is she going to come out and something else went wrong?” Danielle mentioned.

Adam also seemed nervous about little Hazel. “Everything that you do and tell yourself to prepare for this surgery can never really prepare you enough for seeing your baby in her hospital gown and then giving her away,” he added.

Danielle Busby said Hazel will most likely need another eye surgery later on

While Hazel has already had eye surgery once, it looks like there’s a good chance this isn’t the end. Adam and Danielle talked to Us Weekly about their kids, and Hazel’s condition came up in conversation. “It’s something she was born with and she’ll have it the remainder of her life … there’s no official cure to it,” Danielle explained to the interviewer regarding nystagmus.

As for future procedures, Danielle also added that while Hazel’s been through one eye surgery already, the likelihood of needing another is high. “It’s inevitable that one day she’ll have another one, and so we visit her eye doctors every couple months,” the mother of six added.

Hazel new glasses gave her a multitude of emotions

The new season of OutDaughtered means fans get even more inside looks into the Busbys lives — and this clip shows Adam and Danielle taking Hazel to get real glasses instead of the ones made for toddlers. “This is her first pair of fragile glasses, I guess we call them,” Danielle echoed in the clip. And she then added that her doctor said if Hazel’s still having the same eye problems after her new prescription, then another eye surgery would likely have to occur. “There’s a lot riding on how she responds to them,” Danielle noted.

Once Hazel had her big-kid glasses on, she was beaming in the mirror. “I like my new glasses,” Hazel told the cameras. But her whole attitude changed when she got in the car. Danielle scolded Hazel for nearly breaking the new glasses, and the child then went on to scream and cry. Adam deduced that it was because the glasses were hurting the child behind the ears, and she was able to push them up to relieve some of the pain.

Finally, when Adam and Danielle got home, Hazel wiped her tears and got excited about her new look again. “I get to show my sisters!” she yelled in the car.

We’re hoping that after Hazel adjusts to the new glasses, the pain will stop and she’ll love them way more than the old ones. We’re excited to see what’s next for the sweet quintuplet on future episodes of OutDaughtered!

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