‘OutDaughtered’: Parker Busby’s School Testing Reveals She’s Not Learning at the Same Pace as the Other Quints

We’ve been watching the Busbys for years thanks to TLC’s OutDaughtered — and Adam and Danielle have developed quite a following thanks to their unusual family. The couple first attained fame for having the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. In addition to having an older daughter, that means Adam and Danielle are caring for six little girls total.

Now that the quints are 4, the couple has to make some major decisions for them regarding their schooling. And it looks like each quint is scoring differently in their school tests, too. According to a clip from the show, Parker Busby, the shyest of the quints, is scoring below her sisters, too. Here’s what’s going on.

Riley Busby is known as the smartest of the quints

When the quintuplets were first born, OutDaughtered fans had trouble telling them apart. But now that they’re past toddler age, each Busby kid is developing their own likes, dislikes, and personality. And Riley Busby, who’s also known as the most troublesome of the quints, is known for her intelligence.

During their preschool years, all of the quints were evaluated to see where they should be placed in school. And the owner of the preschool, Randi, explained that Riley’s scores were off the charts. The average score for the test was 40 — but Riley managed to score an 84.

“That’s very unusual,” Randi, explained in a clip from the show. “If we can get her to scoring about an 84 on test three, I want us to really look at putting her in the advanced placement class, which is a really big deal.”

Parker Busby’s school test shows her sisters may be ahead of her

While Riley is known for her brain, Parker is known for shying away from the cameras. Adam and Danielle have even taken Parker to see an occupational therapist for help with the child’s anxiety. And it looks like Parker’s shyness may also be giving her trouble in school.

A clip from OutDaughtered shows Randi talking to Adam and Danielle about the quints’ progress in school. Ava and Olivia made serious progress, and it was suggested that they head into upper rotation pre-K. Hazel also made a decent amount of progress and was recommended for the same class, while Riley stood out as the star and was recommended for kindergarten. Randi had bigger concerns for Parker, however.

“But, academically, I have a little bit of reservation moving Parker up,” Randi told Adam and Danielle. Randi then went on to explain that Parker’s struggling with learning her letters. “What I don’t want to do is put her in upper rotation and then struggle. That’s my concern. She internalizes, as we all know.”

“It’s kind of hard to hear, but she could really be falling behind,” Danielle told the cameras.

It looks like Parker was still enrolled in upper rotation pre-K

Adam and Danielle ended the conversation with Randi suggesting they watch Parker’s progress to see if anything changes. And Adam and Danielle both seemed quite conflicted.

“I don’t know what’s worse,” Adam told the cameras, “Parker moving up before she’s ready and feeling inadequate, or Parker staying in lower rotation a little while longer.”

It seems Adam and Danielle ultimately decided to move Parker to upper rotation, however. Back in August, the couple posted a photo of all six of their girls to Instagram with an announcement about their schooling. “First day of school! Blayke 3rd grade. Riley kindergarten. Ava, Olivia, Hazel, and Parker upper rotation Pre-K. Let your light shine bright girls!” they captioned the post.

We’re guessing Parker showed some improvement on her test scores, and we’re excited to hear more about it on OutDaughtered. We know the quint still experiences anxiety, however, so we’re also curious as to what Adam and Danielle are planning to do to help with this in the future, too. For now, we’re happy to see all of the quints thriving in school!

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