‘OutDaughtered’ Star Adam Busby Defends His and Wife Danielle’s Kid-Free Resort Vacation During Pandemic

Adam and Danielle Busby are celebrating 14 years of marriage with a little fun in the sun. The OutDaughtered couple recently headed to a beach resort for an anniversary getaway. However, scheduling a kid-free vacation to another country during a pandemic didn’t sit well with everyone. But Adam wasn’t going to let a few haters get him down, and he defended his and his wife’s trip on his Instagram.

Adam and Danielle Busby relax on the sand 

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On July 18, Adam shared a photo of himself and Danielle lounging on the sand. 

“Taking a little break to social distance from Texas for a few,” he captioned the image. “14 years married to this Beauty. We have been here a couple times already, but man! What a time to be away.”

Adam added that the unnamed resort where they were staying was “fully staffed” but that guests were being kept at 30% of capacity “for added safety.” He didn’t share where exactly he and his wife were vacationing, but based on his follow-up comments, it sounds like they might be in Mexico. 

YouTuber Cole LaBrant commented on Adam’s post, saying that he and his wife honeymooned at the Beloved in Playa Mujeres, a resort in Cancun. In a reply, Adam wrote that he and Danielle were “right next door” to that resort. 

The Busbys have been slammed for their vacations in the past  

The Busby Family, including Danielle and Adam, on 'OutDaughtered' 2020
The Busby family on OutDaughtered | TLC

The Houston-area couple has taken heat in the past for vacationing without their six daughters. But Adam and Danielle have made it clear that occasionally spending time apart from their children, whether it’s on regular date nights or longer trips, is key to keeping their marriage healthy. 

In his post, Adam seemed to anticipate a few critical comments. He added the hashtag #kidsaresafe but indicated he wasn’t going to explain to followers where his children were while he and his wife were enjoying some alone time.   

Some critics think the Busbys should have stayed home 

This time around, it wasn’t traveling sans kids that commenters took issue with. Instead, Adam also caught flak for traveling during a pandemic. 

“Shouldn’t be traveling far right now…” wrote one critic. 

The dad of six insisted his trip was not putting anyone at risk. “Because apparently the virus gets more deadly the further you are from home? Ok..,” he wrote. 

“Haters are always going to hate,” he added in another reply. “Never felt more safe. Airports and customs was empty, plane was empty, resort is nearly empty. With things the way they are in Texas right now, we are better off right where we are.”

In recent weeks, Texas has emerged as a new hotspot in the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As of June 19, the state has more than 325,000 coronavirus cases and has reported nearly 4,000 deaths, according to data from the Texas Department of Public Health. While land border crossings between the U.S. and Mexico are currently restricted to all but essential travel, you can still fly between the two countries and resort cities have begun welcoming back visitors, Afar magazine reported. However, the State Department recommends that U.S. citizens avoid international travel if possible.