‘OutDaughtered’: Will Adam and Danielle Busby Have More Kids? She Reveals Whether They’ll Try for Baby No. 7

Adam and Danielle Busby have their hands full with six little girls. The parents of the only all-female quintuplets in the United States, plus 8-year-old daughter Blayke, are managing as their five adorable babies grow up into opinionated “three-nagers” on the new season of OutDaughtered.

While the Busbys certainly seem to be a happy — and busy — family of eight, fans can’t help but wonder if they would ever consider adding another baby to the mix.

Danielle says she doesn’t plan to get pregnant again

Danielle addressed whether she’d ever try to have another baby in a recent interview with US Weekly. The answer? A pretty firm “no.” But she didn’t completely close the door on the prospect of expanding their family.

“Shop’s closed,” she said. “It would be nice to have a little boy and carry on the Busby name here, but there won’t be any more children unless one day God put it on our hearts to adopt.”

Adam says they’re open to the idea of adoption

While Danielle and Adam don’t plan to try for her to get pregnant again, the 37-year-old dad of six said adoption is something the couple will “never completely shut the door on.”

“It’s something we’ll always stay open minded to,” he told the magazine. “As far as … her birthing any more children, no, that’s not going to happen.”

The Busbys have been open about their infertility journey

That the Busbys don’t plan on trying to get pregnant again won’t surprise those who are familiar with the couple’s story. They pair have been open about their struggles with infertility.

After getting married, the couple tried for two years to have a baby, but it wasn’t happening. The discovery that they weren’t able to quickly conceive was devastating.

“The journey it took to have her was a long and rough road,” Danielle wrote on the family’s blog. “For a couple who had no idea what infertility really was or what it would do to their lives, this challenge hit unexpected and just right out sucked! It was hard!! We didn’t know anyone who struggled with infertility or even if it’s something you should talk about.”

The Busby family | TLC

Eventually, their oldest daughter Blayke was conceived via intrauterine insemination, or IUI.

After Blayke was born, the Busbys knew they wanted to expand their family. This time, Danielle started taking a drug called Femara, she explained. After a few months of trying and more rounds of IUI, she learned she was pregnant — with quints!

Given the rough road the couple walked to have their six daughters, it’s not surprising that the Busbys would look to adoption if they do choose to have more kids.

And there’s another issue at play. As viewers may remember, Adam has actually had a vasectomy. While it’s possible to have surgery to reverse a vasectomy, it sounds like the Busbys are pretty firm in their decision to not try for another baby. While adoption could be on the table, this extra-large family seems pretty happy the way they are right now.