‘Outlander’: 10 Most Heartbreaking Moments

After four seasons filled with dramatic twists and turns, Outlander fans have grown accustomed to heartbreak. From Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) getting separated for 20 years to his traumatic experience behind bars, there has been no shortage of tear-jerking moments on the show. With season 5 only a few months away, here is a look at Outlander’s 10 most heartbreaking moments.

Outlander 10 Heartbreaking moments
‘Outlander’ stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe | Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Starz Entertainment LLC

10. Frank dies

Frank (Tobias Menzies) may have had faults as a husband, but he was always a good father to Brianna (Sophie Skelton). His surprise death at the beginning of season 3 of Outlander was bittersweet for most fans, who enjoyed watching his interactions with Brianna. He may not have been the right man for Claire, but he made the best out of the situation.

9. Claire bids her family farewell

In season 3 of Outlander, fans could not wait for Jamie and Claire to reunite. The two lived separate lives for 20 years before she discovered that he survived the Battle of Culloden. The only problem is that Claire had to leave Brianna behind in 1968 to find him. Her heartbreaking goodbye to Bree was even sadder with the knowledge that this could be their last moment together.

8. Jamie’s imprisonment

One of the more emotional storylines in the first season of Outlander was when Jack Randall (Menzies) took Jamie prisoner. After a brutal rape and torture at the hands of his captor, Jamie struggled to deal with the traumatic experience. Even though Claire did her best to handle things, it was very difficult watching Jamie suffer.

7. Bonnet’s theft

In the premiere of season 4, fans were shocked when Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speelers) turned against Jamie and Claire and stole their boat. While it was bad enough that he killed most of the crew members, the real tragedy was when he stole Claire’s wedding ring. She held on to the ring Frank had given her, but Jamie’s ring was lost.

6. Jamie says goodbye

In the third season of Outlander, Jamie spent some quality time with his son, Willie, at the Dunsany estate called Helwater. While the father and son bonded, Jamie was forced to leave because he was afraid that people would discover that he is Willie’s father. Jamie’s painful look as he departed was enough to make even the hardened of hearts melt.

5. Roger returns

There was a point in the season 4 finale where it appeared as though Roger (Richard Rankin) would never reunite with Brianna. But that all changed in the final moments of the season when Roger returned in epic style at River Run. And his promise to raise her son as his own (which it could be his) was enough to reach for the tissues.

4. Brianna gets assaulted

Brianna’s journey back in time to reunite with her parents in season 4 of Outlander did not get off to a great start. Her encounter with Bonnet was one of the most savage moments of the entire show and ended with her rape at the hands of the smuggler. Even worse, the assault happened after Roger left her.

3. Claire’s loses her baby

In the second season, Claire suffered a devastating loss when she was carrying her first child with Jamie. The couple named the girl Faith and Claire blamed Jamie’s war with Jack for putting her into labor too early. Their ensuing fight was definitely one of the low points of their relationship.

2. Jamie and Claire’s separation

The third season of Outlander started with Jamie and Claire living separate lives in different centuries. While they eventually got back together, the two lived 20 years apart and missed out on some amazing moments together — including raising their daughter. Luckily, they got back together in what was one of the best reunions of the series.

1. Jamie sends Claire away

Speaking of their time apart, the season 2 finale of Outlander saw Jamie sending Claire to live in her own time on the eve of the Battle of Culloden. Claire left Jamie so that she could safely give birth to their child, but it was easily one of the most heartbreaking moments ever.

Season 5 of Outlander premieres February 6, 2020, on Starz.