‘Outlander’ Season 5, Episode 8: Fans Rejoice for the Return of a Familiar Face

Season 5 of Outlander has finally given fans what they’ve been craving: a familiar and friendly face is back and fans couldn’t be happier. Read on to learn who has returned to Fraser’s Ridge. There are major spoilers ahead.

A familiar face returns

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan
Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ

Back in August, we covered whether or not Young Ian (John Bell) would return to Fraser’s Ridge, and he’s finally come home. Fans will remember that Ian had a major part to play in selling Roger (Richard Rankin) to the Mohawk in a terrible misunderstanding about Roger’s identity. It turns out Ian and Jamie (Sam Heughan) thought Roger was the man who raped Brianna (Sophie Skelton). They go and rescue Roger, but Ian stays behind in his place.

Young Ian is a different man now

Ian spent some time with the Mohawk and on his return, he’s clearly different. He agrees to survey land gifted to Roger with him and they set out together. When Ian tries to kill himself with water hemlock, Roger stops him just in time and they have a heart to heart.

It turns out that Ian lost someone. He asks Roger what he saw as he was dying and he tells him he saw his wife’s face. This only troubles poor Ian further because he says she’s lost to him. He wanted his pain to end, but Roger convinces him to keep on living.

Fans rejoice for Ian’s return

As can be expected, fans are more than excited to see such a wonderful familiar face. The circumstances surrounding his absence were sad and it’s only right that he returns home to his family now.

Numerous fans took the time to welcome Ian back. “Welcome home Young Ian,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

One fan knows Ian is carrying a “heavy burden.” “And we are thrilled although he is carrying a very heavy burden,” they said.

Many people were happy to see Ian back home on Fraser’s Ridge. “That was a pleasant surprise,” a fan wrote.

“It was wonderful to see Young Ian back,” another fan said.

Someone else expected Ian to look the way he does. “Warrior Ian looks so much like I expected,” they admitted.

One fan missed the actor as well as his character in the series. “Missed John bell aka Young Ian so much,” a fan wrote.

Young Ian’s return is a “surprise” for many fans that can’t get enough of his character. “What a wonderful surprise,” a Twitter user commented. “I was looking forward to seeing him again and then it came as an early gift to us all. I’ve watched it twice already, second time skipping to his scenes with the fam. His moments with Roger were special.”

Hopefully fans will learn more about how Young Ian was able to leave the Mohawk. What happened to the love of his life? He told Roger she wasn’t dead, just lost to him. Maybe we will learn more about that as time goes on. Fans are ecstatic at the return of Young Ian on Outlander.