‘Outlander’: Expect the Unexpected for Jamie and Claire This Season

If you’re a big Outlander fan, you probably can’t get enough of the series–and Jamie and Claire. Lucky for you, there will be lots of twists and turns coming your way this season. The show’s composer, Bear McCreary, says fans will be very excited. Here’s what we know about what’s in store for Outlander Season 5.

What to expect for Outlander Season 5

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images
Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Outlander Season 5 continues with Jamie and Claire (Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe) setting up their home at Fraser’s ridge. The couple is in the process of building their life in America after reuniting with their daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton). Before their trip to America, the show took the characters on a journey from Scotland to Paris and then the Caribbean. Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin) also comes along, and he and Brianna decide to remain in the past. Furthermore, things get dicey now that the American Revolution is near and Jamie is trying his hand at politics.

Bear McCreary says Outlander Season 5 will be bold and exciting

There’s a lot in store musically for the Outlander cast. McCreary, who has been Outlander’s composer since the first season, told the Express he plans to make music an even bigger part of the show in Season 5. The show keeps things interesting because the title music changes each season to convey the storyline. McCreary told the Express there will be a lot of strong musical elements:

 I am indeed working on the fifth season of Outlander and I’m very excited about where it’s going. Fans are going to be very excited. I can tease that there’s going to be a continuation of the philosophy that music moves to the forefront of the journey. There was a little bit of that last season, especially with Roger performing some music and the bold reinvention of the main title in a bluegrass style. As our story continues in Colonial America, you will hear some near even more bold musical moments.

Bear McCreary says he doesn’t feel pressure to keep the music on Outlander fresh

Now that McCreary is a star who has worked on scores for popular movies and television shows, you would think he feels a great deal of pressure to make this season of Outlander epic. However, he told the Express he doesn’t feel that burden. “No, because I’m taking the lead from the writers and in many ways, I don’t feel I am going out of my way to evolve the theme. I feel quite the opposite. I am obligated to do it because the drama changes so much. The show is diverse narratively,” he said. Although McCreary doesn’t feel pressure, he did tell the Express he felt it was more challenging to score the show because the story wouldn’t be moving to a new exotic location.

McCreary told the publication his biggest task for the next couple of seasons will be to find ways to adjust the music so that it resembles an American feel. However, he doesn’t plan on totally revamping the music. “So, I think that will be my challenge moving forward, not completely reinventing the main title but finding way of tweaking it now that we’re planting a flag in American soil for the next couple of seasons,” he said.

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