‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan Starred in a Hallmark Christmas Movie — Here Is When and Where You Can Watch It

Outlander fans are still months away from new episodes, thanks to the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy star Sam Heughan in other places. Not only does Heughan have a new book out, but he is also the star of a Hallmark Christmas movie that is airing this holiday season.

Outlander Sam Heughan
‘Outlander’ star Sam Heughan | Rich Fury/WireImage

Sam Heughan has a new Scottish road trip book titled ‘Clanlands’

On November 3, Heughan and his Outlander co-star Graham McTavish released the book Clanlands. According to Parade Magazine, the book features the pair exploring “the majesty and mysteries of Scotland” with a beat-up campervan and lots of whiskey.

Throughout the book, Heughan and McTavish detail their adventures as they cover hundreds of miles in their homeland via wild boat rides, kayak, bicycle, and motorbike.

Heughan organized the road trip to film the upcoming Starz series Men In Kilts. The duo ended up documenting the trip via Google docs for the Clanlands companion book. To begin the road trip, Heughan scheduled a whiskey tasting for 9 a.m.

“I think we had nine different casks. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the best way to start, but when I was building the schedule, it was really the only time I could do it,” Heughan explained. “Actually, in a way–excuse the pun–it is in the spirit of the whole TV show. We were having fun and whiskey is synonymous with Scotland and our culture.”

The ‘Outlander’ stars learned they have very different traveling habits

Heughan and McTavish admit that they bicker like an old married couple throughout the series. The bickering started when they realized Heughan would be driving a camper-van instead of a luxury vehicle.

The 40-year-old admits he hadn’t driven a stick in a long time, but he thinks he’s a “pretty good driver.” What was irritating for Heughan was the fact that McTavish is high maintenance and needs to eat every two hours.

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“I’m not joking,” he says. “The man has got a metabolism like I have not known. He can have a full Scottish breakfast and if he is not eating again in an hour or so, he’s angry. It’s incredible. The book is the truth, but we do expand on it a little bit for fun. He is quite the character. I hope everyone gets to experience his latte rages at some point.”

What Heughan really wants to share with fans is his passion for his home country. After living in London for 12 years, Heughan says returning to Scotland to film Outlander has made him realize what it has to offer.

The ‘Outlander’ star is in a Hallmark Christmas movie that’s airing this holiday season

Before he landed the role of Jamie Fraser on Outlander, Heughan landed a few small parts on TV and in the theater. One of his biggest roles before Outlander was in the Hallmark Christmas movie A Princess for Christmas.

Back in 2011, Heughan starred as a handsome prince alongside co-stars Katie McGrath and former James Bond, Sir Roger Moore. According to Just Jared, the movie tells the story of a woman named Jules (McGrath) who becomes the guardian of her niece and nephew after her sister and brother-in-law die in a car accident.

When Jules and her niece and nephew spend Christmas with their late brother-in-law’s family, she ends up falling in love with a prince (Heughan).

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“I think I am a better actor now, but I love that movie,” Heughan said. “I got to work with Roger Moore. He is one of the most famous Bonds and it was incredible. All of those jobs are the precursor to what I am doing now. I met great people.”

A Princess for Christmas will air on Hallmark Channel at the following times:

  • Friday, December 4 8 a.m.
  • Friday, December 11 10 a.m.
  • Tuesday, December 15 2 p.m.
  • Thursday, December 24 10 a.m.

A Princess for Christmas is also currently streaming on Netflix. Outlander seasons 1 through 5 are available on the Starz App and Amazon Prime Video.