Owen Wilson Refuses to Meet His Own Daughter, Alleges His Ex-Girlfriend

Owen Wilson might be experiencing a bit of a career upswing, with four movies slated to be released over the next 12 months, but his personal life appears to be a mess. The Marley and Me actor has just been called out by his ex, Varunie Vongsvirates, for abandoning his child. Allegedly, the seasoned actor has no desire to meet the one-year-old girl and even changed his phone number to avoid Vongsvirates when she informed him about the pregnancy. It’s an odd move by the star, considering he appears to be an active and involved father to his two sons from two prior relationships.

Who is Varunie Vongsvirates?

Vongsvirates and Wilson were allegedly seeing each other for years before she became pregnant with their first child. According to Hollywood Life, the mother of one was first spotted with Wilson in 2014. She showed up on the red carpet with the star in 2017 for the premiere of Father Figures.

Vongsvirates may have spent some time in Hollywood with Wilson, but it doesn’t look like she has celebrity aspirations. According to her LinkedIn profile, Vongsvirates is a businesswoman through and through. She was last linked to American Addiction Centers as a business development representative. It is not known if she’s still working for the business.

Why does Owen Wilson refuse to meet his daughter?

Radar Online has reported that Wilson not only didn’t want to be involved in the life of his child, but he took steps to avoid Vongsvirates when she announced her pregnancy. According to the publication, the Wedding Crashers star changed his phone number when he learned the news. At the time, it is believed that he was still in a relationship with Vongsvirates.

Owen Wilson seen out biking in Manhattan on October 4, 2019
Owen Wilson | Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images

Since then, the famed actor has submitted to a DNA test but still has yet to meet his young daughter. The DNA test confirmed Lyla’s paternity. Wilson seemingly has no interest in connecting with the child, or, at the very least, that’s the story that Vongsvirates is telling. Wilson has not yet commented on the current situation.

How many children does Owen Wilson have?

What makes the situation so strange is the fact that Wilson is an active and involved father with his other children, or that’s the way it seems, at least. Wilson has regularly been photographed with the two boys, who happen to have different mothers.

Wilson’s first son, Robert Ford Wilson was born in 2011. His mother, Jade Duell and Wilson dated through 2011 but parted ways shortly after Robert’s birth. Duell is a sky marshall. Wilson’s second son, Finn Lindqvist Wilson was born in 2014. Finn’s mother, Caroline Lindqvist was Wilson’s personal trainer. She was still married when she gave birth to Wilson’s second son.

Wilson’s youngest child and first daughter, Lyla, was born last year. Wilson has not yet met the girl and has actively avoided Vongsvirates since learning she was pregnant. The pair dated for four years before the pregnancy. Vongsvirates is pushing for a relationship between Lyla and Wilson, because she, allegedly, believes her child needs her father.