‘Ozark’: Laura Linney Says Her Character Wendy Is ‘Revealing Herself’ in Season 3

The hit series Ozark has shown the evolution of all the characters over the years. In season 3, fans see a different side of Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) that is kind of unexpected. She openly defies her husband even though they are supposed to be partners in things together. Wendy has arguably changed the most out of any character on Ozark.

Laura Linney says Wendy is ‘revealing herself’ in season 3

Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde in 'Ozark'
Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde in ‘Ozark’ | Steve Deitl/Netflix

Linney recently spoke on the Little Gold Men podcast where she talked about the evolution of Wendy on the series. Linney says Wendy is actually “revealing herself more and more” as time goes by on the show. In season 3, she starts getting bigger ideas about how she can help the Navarro cartel make more money and it puts her at odds with her husband.

“Well I think she’s sort of revealing herself more and more,” Linney said. “What I sort of love about all of these characters is how much they have all grown and changed over three seasons. The fact that we were given a story that allowed for such room and such growth is pretty unusual. So I think we’ve all been having an awful lot of fun sort of getting to know our own characters and then seeing how our characters react to everybody else.”

‘The show has hit every demographic’

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When season 3 of Ozark was released, numerous fans began to binge-watch the amazingly addictive series. Some even watched it all in one sitting, that’s just how good it really is. What’s it like being a part of a show that fans enjoy watching all at once? For Linney, it’s like working on a movie.

“Well it’s just so wild that people can just inhale a show in one sitting, five months of work is just inhaled in an evening, and that’s wild,” Linney continued. “But it’s equivalent to doing a movie, really. Also it’s a sort of similar amount of time, but it’s just how the entertainment world is evolving. But I’ve certainly never been associated with something that seems to have connected with so many different types of people. The breadth of how the show has hit every demographic, it’s really been astounding to me.”

Wendy is forced to make a hard decision involving her brother

Things get complicated for Wendy when her brother comes to stay with their family. Ben (Tom Pelphrey) goes off his medication and his mood drastically changes. He learns about what the family is involved in, and he doesn’t handle it in the greatest way. The way he acts attracts the attention of the Navarro cartel’s lawyer, Helen Pierce (Janet McTeer). She makes sure Ben is committed, though he does eventually get out of there.

Instead of leaving as quickly as possible, Ben gets the bright idea to reveal the truth to Helen’s daughter about what her mother is involved in. Wendy is powerless to save her brother’s life after this and she even tells Helen where she can find Ben, who is killed, just like Wendy knew he would be.

Wendy Byrde has taken a surprising turn on Ozark. Check back for all the latest information about the series.