‘P-Valley’ Creator Will Bring More Shows to Television Under This Deal

Katori Hall was well-regarded in the theatre world as an acclaimed playwright before P-Valley, an adaption of her stage play, hit television. And now, through a new deal, she will be bringing more soon-to-be iconic projects to television.

'P-Valley' panel at SeriesFes
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What story was at the center of ‘P-Valley’ season 1?

Two mysterious people arrive in town at the beginning of the season: Andre Watkins and Autumn Night. Parker Sawyers plays the character of Andre Watkins. The character arrives in town, and viewers aren’t immediately given much information about him. He begins taking pictures of The Pynk and the land it sits on. He then ends up starting a friendship and later a relationship with Autumn, who also just landed in town.

Viewers continue to learn more about Andre, and we learn that he’s actually not mysterious at all and is from the area. He has returned home to Chucalissa to close a deal to sell The Pynk’s land so a casino can come to town. In actuality, his godfather is the town’s mayor (Isaiah Washington) and he has it out for Uncle Clifford and The Pynk. Plus, while all of this is happening, while Andre starts a romantic tryst with Autumn, he’s been married this whole time.

This doesn’t work well for Andre by the end of the season as Autumn got key information to try to save The Pynk. At the end of the season, Autumn has enough money to save The Pynk and ends the deal to turn the area into a casino.

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More to come from the ‘P-Valley’ creator

It was recently announced that Hall has signed a first-look deal with Lionsgate Television to develop new projects under the banner. Aside from this, under the deal, a fund will be created to support Black playwrights.

“Adapting my play from the stage to the screen was a decade-long odyssey, and I’m so grateful that the journey led me to a studio that understands the value of complex storytelling centered on marginalized people of color,” said Hall in a statement. “I’m thrilled about this partnership with Lionsgate and I look forward to continuing to tell bold, impactful stories with the ability to reach a rich, diverse, global audience.”

Hall’s fund will develop will commission Black playwrights who may be. struggling due to how the pandemic hit the theatre community. Hall will also mentor the playwrights that are selected.

“In this unprecedented moment, Black playwrights are particularly struggling–so much so that I fear some will leave the artform forever,” she continued. “This would undoubtedly be a major loss. Without theater, there would be no me. In fact, there would be no P-Valley. That’s why I’ve partnered with Lionsgate on this initiative to help ensure that American Theater is more inclusive and diverse when the curtain rises again.”

No word on when P-Valley could return to Starz for season 2, given the impacts of the pandemic on production timelines.