‘Pacific Rim Uprising’: Are There Plans for This Character to Return to the Franchise?

Pacific Rim Uprising is almost here, and although we have to wait to see how fans receive it, the people behind the movie are already making plans for a third movie. This movie has multiple changes from the first, with it taking place 10 years later and having a different lead.

John Boyega is playing Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba.) Boyega has opened up more about his character and how the script fills in the holes surrounding his character. Director Steven S. DeKnight has also opened up about how he had to change from his original plan for the sequel and his plans for the third movie.

Here are seven things fans should know, including if there are plans for a certain character to return to the franchise.

1. How the movie explains Jake Pentecost’s past absence

Jake Pentecost wearing his suit.

Jake Pentecost is a new character. | Universal Pictures

There had to be a reason given as to why we haven’t heard of Pentecost before — and thankfully, it is given. John Boyega explained this, according to Games Radar, saying:

He’s purposefully stayed away from the PPDC, and we find him in the movie just stealing Jaeger tech and being a crook, to be honest. Jake’s a bit of an *rsehole, and he’s a bit egotistical, because he’s always been by himself and everything goes on his terms. The film’s about him learning how to get a bit of humility in him and learning how he can be the best he can be to lead others.

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2. Jake’s relationship with Mako is also explained

Mako Mori looks focused while wearing a dark suit.

Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori in Pacific Rim: Uprising | Universal Pictures

Rinko Kikuchi is back for the sequel as Mak,o and her relationship with Pentecost was also explained by Boyega.

What his father didn’t see in Jake, Stacker saw in Mako, so there was much more of emphasis on her and her journey through the PPDC,” he said. “Jake and Mako always had a cool relationship but I think when Stacker had more vision and dreams for her future within the PPDC, Jake fell away. I think Jake interpreted that as Stacker not loving him enough.”

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3. The original sequel included Charlie Hunnam

Raleigh Becket pumping his fist while shirtless.

Raleigh Becket was written into the film’s script. | Universal Pictures

The franchise started with Charlie Hunnam, but is now trying to move beyond him. But DeKnight isn’t against bringing the actor back. In fact, the original script focused on his character, Raleigh.

“And we actually developed an entire script with Raleigh as the main character,” Pacific Rim Uprising director, DeKnight told UPROXX. “We beat it out, we wrote it. I handed it in to Legendary. They loved it.”

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4. DeKnight hopes to get Hunnam in the third movie

Raleigh looking upwards while standing in his suit.

He might make a return in a third film. | Universal Pictures

The original plan might not have worked out, but that doesn’t mean DeKnight has given up hope.

“And in my mind, if I ever got to do a third movie, I would love for Charlie Hunnam to be a part of it,” he told UPROXX. “We actually shot a version where a character talks about how Raleigh died, that there’s a form of radiation on the other side of the breach that they didn’t know about and weren’t prepared for.”

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5. They took out Raleigh’s death scene to potentially bring him back

Raleigh wearing his suit and helmet while gearing up to fight.

The script was re-written to allow for his potential return. | Universal Pictures

Although Raleigh’s death was initially going to be explained, DeKnight decided against it.

As he said, “But then we started talking about some ideas for Charlie Hunnam to come back for the next installment and thought, eh, you know what? Maybe we shouldn’t kill him.”

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6. Hunnam wasn’t reached for the project because he was busy

Charlie Hunnam standing in a dark suit, tie and vest.

Hunnam’s schedule did not allow time for the film. | Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

The sequel was originally going to revolve around Hunnam’s character. But after DeKnight wrote the script, he got some bad news.

“And I literally woke up the next day, logged on to Deadline Hollywood, and right there on my computer was ‘Charlie Hunnam doing a remake of Papillon,‘” the director told UPROXX. “And I looked at the shoot date and it’s exactly when my movie shoots.”

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7. Hunnam has previously said they deepened his character

Charlie Hunnam holding up a microphone during an interview.

He wishes he could change this one thing. | Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

The actor couldn’t return for the sequel, but it seems like he isn’t completely against it.

He talked about the franchise and his character, according to Cinema Blend, and said, “I do feel like we could have maybe plumbed the depths of the character and the storytelling a little bit more.”

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