Pam and Angela from ‘The Office’: Are Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey Friends in Real Life?

The iconic TV show The Office has been off the air since 2013, but that doesn’t stop devoted fans from obsessing about every aspect of the workplace comedy. From a possible revival to the daily antics of the cast, The Office is still a hot property.

Two of the public’s favorite cast members, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, have enjoyed particular popularity even after the show ended. In a recent Instagram post, Jenna Fischer caused mass excitement across social media platforms when she posted a cute photo of herself next to Kinsey, captioning it, “BFFs reunited.”

But are the two actors best friends in real life? Learn more about their relationship, and how both Fischer and Kinsey have moved on beyond their roles as part of the cast of The Office.

What role did Jenna Fischer play on ‘The Office’?

Jenna Fischer played Pam Beesly, one of the central characters throughout the nine-season run of The Office. Pam was a receptionist at the beginning of the series, shy and unassuming. As her character grows throughout the show, Pam grows in her career as well as confidence and eventually begins a romance with a shy co-worker, Jim Halpert, played by John Krasinski.

Pam was a character that thousands of fans loved and related to, from her occasional awkwardness and love of art to her blossoming relationship with Jim. Fischer was embraced by fans, and her portrayal of Pam Beesly is still her most popular role. Since The Office ended, Fischer has continued to act in both film and television. She has appeared in TV shows like You, Me, and the Apocalypse, The Mysteries of Laura, and most recently, Splitting Up Together, opposite Lena Dunham.

Who did Angela Kinsey play on ‘The Office’?

Angela Kinsey is a comedic actress with years of experience in many reputable TV shows. However, she is best known for her role as head of accounting Angela Martin on The Office. Kinsey played Angela as stern, judgemental, and harshly critical of any office frivolity. The character was initially conceived as a smaller part, but the public’s reaction to Kinsey’s portrayal was so positive, that as the show went on, Kinsey got more and more screen time, including a relationship with Dwight Schrute, played by Rainn Wilson.

Kinsey has enjoyed a very successful career after The Office. A few of her credits include TV shows such as Bad Judge, Your Family or Mine, Fresh Off the Boat, and Haters Back Off! In early 2018, Kinsey appeared opposite her Office co-star Jenna Fischer in an episode of Splitting Up Together, sending fans into a frenzy and triggering even more discussion of an Office reboot.

Are Kinsey and Fischer friends today?

Contrary to the iciness and occasional rivalry that the characters of Pam and Angela on The Office experienced, Kinsey and Fischer are best friends in real life. The two frequently refer to each other as “bff” on social media, and share fun snaps of their adventures on Instagram, including behind the scenes throwback shots of their days on the set of The Office. They even go to award shows together, as Kinsey documented on her Instagram.

So while The Office itself might never make a comeback (Steve Carell has repeatedly stated that a reboot likely won’t happen, as much as it is speculated about and hoped for), fans can enjoy the camaraderie and humor of two of it’s most popular alumni, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. One thing’s for certain – if the reboot ever were to happen, these two besties would likely be the first to sign on.