Pamela Adlon from ‘Better Things’ Brilliantly Compares Aging To Becoming a Werewolf

One minute you are living your normal life, the next minute you are a werewolf. Pamela Adlon from Better Things scores big again, comedically illustrating what just about everyone in middle age endures.

Smashed between young production assistants in short-shorts and a wise actor who shares the story of his wife with Adlon. She confronts terrible elementary school parents in a way most would dream of doing. Adlon is living our lives and doing it in the most cathartic way for her viewers.

Pamela Adlon /Getty Images

The episode, “Holding” begins with a nightly ritual many women in mid-life endure: sweat-filled insomnia. And while Adlon tosses and turns, red-faced and drenched, the camera flashes to the transformation actor David Naughton encountered in An American Werewolf in London. One minute you are normal. The next minute is filled with a painful transformation until you are finally a hideous werewolf. Pretty much sums it up.

Adlon already did the terrible ‘what happened’ mirror dance

In the season opener, Adlon started the episode dealing with yet another miracle of middle age: weight gain from out of the blue. The dreaded, “trying on clothes in front of the mirror” routine was as endearing and uncomfortable as actually being there.

She seems baffled trying on clothing she says she literally just purchased. But of course, Adlon finds ways to make fun of the situation instead of despair.  “Really, how did this happen?” she questions grabbing some of her middle section. “I’m bigger. I’m a big lady man.”

Adlon told NPR how mid-life changes can be surprising. “My body changed. I got thicker. And I don’t feel bad about my body, or anything, but it was shocking. And I remember being in my closet and trying on pants. I’m like, “I just wore these three months ago.” Things were just tighter.”

And now shows viewers what evenings are like

She may start out sleeping like a baby while under the covers. But that doesn’t last. She rips the comforter from her body, overheating in the middle of the night. Next, off come the clothing and pants. Anything trapping the body heat.

Of course, Adlon is still not comfortable, as the scene flashes to the iconic scene from An American Werewolf in London. Unsuspecting David is casually reading a book when he is suddenly struck by intense pain. Meanwhile, Adlon is ripped from her bed, now face forward into her fan. Her groans are more along the lines of making your voice sound cool in front of the fan. But it still resonates.

David Naughton on the set of An American Werewolf in London| Getty Images

David’s transformation continues as he rips off his clothing to begin the painful transition to a werewolf. At the same time, Adlon is in her own personal full moon hell. Her face is red and she’s trying to douse herself with water. Anything to make it stop. The next day she’s eating lunch in her dressing room with her pants down around ankles. Middle age…good times.

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