Pamela Anderson and 3 Other Celebrities Who Had Ultra-Short Marriages

Hollywood celebrities aren’t exactly well-known for upholding the sanctity of marriage. Divorce almost seems to be the norm for many famous couples.

Still, some celebs seem to make and break wedding vows even more quickly than most. Producer and former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson and movie producer Jon Peters recently called off their wedding after just 12 days of marriage.

Shockingly, Anderson and Peters don’t have the shortest marriage in Hollywood history. These are a few other famous pairs who have been married for less than a month.

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson | Victor Boyko/Getty Images for Chrome Hearts

Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters

52-year-old Anderson and 74-year-old Peters dated three decades ago, but they reconciled in 2019 and entered a whirlwind second chance at romance. They married on Jan. 20, 2020, at a beachside Malibu ceremony, after a passionate reunion. It was a fifth marriage for both of them.

But just 12 days later, Peters and Anderson called it all off. Anderson told CNN in a statement, “I have been moved by the warm reception to Jon’s and my union. We would be very grateful for your support as we take some time apart to re-evaluate what we want from life and from one another.”

She added, “Life is a journey and love is a process. With that universal truth in mind, we have mutually decided to put off the formalization of our marriage certificate and put our faith in the process.”

Since then, it seems like Anderson has been reflecting on the nature of life and love. It looks like she doesn’t have any regrets, though. On Twitter, Anderson shared a Sylvia Plath quote about making the most of each moment: “Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted.”

Meanwhile, Anderson seemed to chalk the whole affair up to human nature, sharing a Gaito Gazdanov quote on Instagram that appeared to be a nod to her (very) brief marriage: “Every love affair is an attempt to thwart fate; it’s a naive illusion of brief immortality.”

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Britney Spears and Jason Alexander

Pop princess Britney Spears might very well hold the record for the shortest Hollywood marriage at just 55 hours. (Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman come in second place, at just nine days of wedded bliss.)

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and Spears apparently wanted her childhood friend, Jason Alexander, whom she married after a wild night, to stay put as well.

After Spears flew Alexander out from Louisiana to Vegas to party with her for New Year’s Eve 2004, she popped the question. Alexander told ABC News, “She just came out and asked me. She was like, ‘Well, let’s get married.’ And I was like, ‘Sure. You know, let’s do this.’” They headed to the wedding chapel for infamous photos of the bride in a baseball cap and crop top.

Still, Alexander insisted his feelings were genuine, saying: “I was in love with her…I feel like she felt the same way.” The marriage was quickly annulled, and Spears insisted the whole thing was “silly,” but it looks like her ex-husband didn’t agree.

Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

Mario Lopez, now 46, was known for his role as the ultimate ladies’ man, A.C. Slater, on Saved By the Bell. And when he was younger, Lopez wasn’t far off from his character’s reputation. Lopez married Ali Landry in Apr. 2004, only to divorce her just 18 days later after she discovered his cheating ways.

Apparently, Lopez did a bit more than the usual groom at his extended bachelor party in Mexico alongside his cousins. According to Us Weekly, Lopez told Howard Stern he cheated on Landry just before the wedding. “It was spring break…everybody was hanging out,” he explained. “That was a situation where I was not mature and man enough.”

Lopez admitted that he wanted to wait to let Landry know the truth until after the wedding. But he didn’t have to, because someone showed her a picture before he could come clean. They quickly agreed to call the whole thing off.

Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas

Famed actress Drew Barrymore has actually had more than one short-lived marriage. Her second marriage, to Tom Green, lasted only five months. But her first, to a Wales-born Los Angeles bar owner named Jeremy Thomas, was even shorter, clocking in at just 19 days.

Barrymore married Thomas on Mar. 20, 1994, when she was just 19 years old. Thomas told Radar Online that Barrymore probably wasn’t even 21 yet when she started visiting his bar, The Room, with her friends. Thomas was much older than her at 31, and the couple had a whirlwind six-week fling that ended in an impulsive wedding.

According to Thomas, a last-minute officiant agreed to head over to the bar at 5:30 a.m. to perform the ceremony. Barrymore hastily divorced him, though, and ran off to their Hawaii honeymoon without him. Still, Thomas insisted he didn’t marry his 50 First Dates ex for her fame. “I didn’t marry her because she was Drew Barrymore, I married her because she was cute,” he claimed.