‘Paradise Hotel’: Who Did America Vote in the Hotel?

Paradise Hotel episode 5 began with Kaitlin moving into the hotel and Rosanna becoming possessive over Tyler. The woman America voted in last week made her appearance, as well as an ex who shook up the strongest couple in the hotel. Also, two ladies got into an explosive fightand one girl went home.

Kristin Cavallari Paradise Hotel
Host Kristin Cavallari with Carlos, David, Kendall, Mariaelena, Hans, Deiondra, Brittany, Bobby, Rosanna, Tatum, and Tyler | FOX via Getty Images

Who are the two new girls checking in to ‘Paradise Hotel?’

America voted in Nicole, a flight attendant from Dallas, Texas. She claimed she would “shake things up” if brought into the hotel, and she did exactly that. Nicole set her eyes on Tyler, so she wanted Rosanna eliminated.

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Shailee, Tyler’s ex, also checks into the hotel. She claimed Tyler spent the night at her house the day before he left for Paradise Hotel. She also says she is still in love with Tyler and has arrived in an attempt to get him back. Once they finally get a chance to talk in private, Tyler admits he still has feelings for Shailee and doesn’t see himself dating Rosanna outside of the hotel.

Who do Bobby and David want out of ‘Paradise Hotel?’

When the new girls arrived at Paradise Hotel, Rosanna started showing her jealous side. First, she got upset because Tyler did not speak to the new women, so she told him to talk to them. He began talking to Kaitlin, and immediately let her know he’s already with Rosanna.

Only a few minutes later, Rosanna became frustrated, with both Tyler and Kaitlin, because he did not get up and follow her when she motioned for him to do so. They ended up arguing all night about it before making up the next day.

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Rosanna apologized to Kaitlin and admitted she was upset with Tyler, not her. However, when Shailee checked into Paradise Hotel later that day, she began acting “crazy” again. Bobby Ray and David now want Rosanna out of the hotel because of her behavior.

Bobby is best friends with Tyler and believes Rosanna treats Tyler wrong. David wants Rosanna out because he and Kendall are also a strong couple, and Rosanna and Tyler are a threat to them. Therefore, they began trash-talking Rosanna to Shailee, hoping she would convince Tyler to pick her instead of Rosanna.

Who leaves the ‘Paradise Hotel?’

Host Kristin Cavallari tells the boys they are to pick a girl to eliminate immediately. Carlos wanted Mariaelena out; however, the other guys chose to kick Nicole out of the hotel. The night before, Rosanna and Nicole got into a huge fight, and they felt Nicole caused it.

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When Rosanna was explaining to everyone about her close relationship with her brother, Nicole rudely told her to stop talking. Her comment hurt Rosanna’s feelings, so Brittany tried to get Nicole to apologize. Instead, Nicole came face to face with Rosanna, attempting to let Rosanna know that she was not the “head girl in charge.”

The episode ends with the ceremony, and everyone has chosen their matches. Couples including Bobby Ray and Tatum and David and Kendall stuck together. However, Mariaelena and Brittany both picked Jair. Kaitlin and Rosanna both selected Carlos. The episode ends before they can make their choice; who will Jair and Carlos send home?

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