‘Parks and Rec’ Season 7 Will Look Into the Future

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

The beloved NBC comedy Parks and Recreation is due to air its seventh and final season at the beginning of next year, and according to the trailer that NBC just released, the last season will have a futuristic twist.

The trailer takes place in the year 2017, picking up where the flash-forward at the end of Season 6 left off, with Amy Poehler’s nice power-bureaucrat Leslie Knope running a branch of the National Parks Service out of Pawnee, raising triplets, and employing a hapless Jon Hamm. The trailer shows what the other characters have been up to during that time as well. Apparently Tom Haverford finally became a business mogul, Andy has a kids’ TV show based on his Johnny Karate character, April bought a really nice tablet, Jerry is now Terry, and Amazon finally got its delivery drones figured out.

It’s uncertain if the entire season is going to take place in this future time, but it certainly looks like it will. Taking a fictional look into the future can be tricky ground to walk, as speculating about what kind of stuff we’ll have can easily get absurd. It appears as though the drones and the invisible tablet are intentionally over-the-top jokes and what kind of technology we’ll have in 2017 won’t be the main focus of the show’s final season. Instead we will get to see how the lives of our favorite Pawnee citizens turn out after a couple of years have passed.

NBC has promised that characters including Ron Swanson’s crazy ex-wife Tammy (actor Nick Offerman’s real-life wife Megan Mullally) will be back as well as Leslie’s best friend Anne Perkins (Rashida Jones) and her hubby and former City Manager Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe), according to E!. Hopefully we will get to see how Ron has raised his son, who was just a newborn during Season 6, as well as watch Leslie try to force her triplets to become best friends with Anne’s child. Perhaps we’ll even find out if April and Andy ever decided to have kids themselves, as Aubrey Plaza has long been adamant that her and Chris Pratt’s characters should.

Aside from all the baby stuff, other things to consider are what crazy business idea finally made Aziz Ansari’s character Tom successful, whether Joan Calamezzo is going to be jealous of Andy’s new TV celebrity, and how Leslie will manage to expertly balance work and motherhood. We can only hope that something truly horrible has happened to the slimy City Councilman Jeremy Jamm.

The Showtime dark comedy Weeds used a similar tactic at the end of its final season, jumping into the not-so-distant future to show what the characters would be like a few years down the line.

The first episode of Parks Season 7 airs on January 13 at 8 p.m. NBC will air back-to-back episodes of the show each Tuesday until the hour-long series finale on February 24. If you just can’t get enough of her, Amy Poehler is also set to host the Golden Globes for the second year in a row with her real-life best friend and former Saturday Night Live co-star Tina Fey on January 11.

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