Patricia Altschul Prepares for Hurricane Dorian, ‘Southern Charm’ Style

As news crews capture residents throughout the southeast frantically grabbing hurricane supplies, Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm takes fans along for her hurricane preparation trip.

The Southern Charm matriarch shared an Instagram video where she strolls the aisles of Costco as shoppers race around the store, filling their carts with water, batteries and nonperishable food. In her typical style, Altschul’s feathers remain unruffled, as she narrates her video making observations.

Patricia Altschul, Whitney Sudler-Smith
Patricia Altschul, Whitney Sudler-Smith |Brianna Stello/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Hurricane Dorian is now a Category 5 storm. That means the storm has reached the highest strength on the Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, CNN reports. Damage could be extensive, with “winds 157 mph or higher (The absolute worst and can level houses and destroy buildings).”

Is Charleston in Dorian’s path?

Hurricane forecasting is an extremely tricky business. Tracks can shift within hours, which means life or death for those in its path in some cases. The current path has the storm remaining offshore as it chugs up the east coast. One slight wobble or jog could mean disaster.

The storm is currently brutalizing the Bahamas, which Craig Conover considers to be his happy place. As Dorian slams the islands, it is the strongest to hit the northwestern Bahamas.

Lowcountry residents aren’t taking any chances. The city declared a state of emergency. Mayor John Tecklenburg said that “residents should be preparing for the worst while hoping for the best,” The Post and Courier reports. Dorian’s closest approach to the U.S. coast is South Carolina and North Carolina by Thursday, ABC News reports.

When in doubt, get champagne

So what is on Altschul’s “must-have” hurricane supply list? Her video shows her shopping cart as she browses Costco. “Stocking up on hurricane supplies at @costco#champagne #batteries #pet #toys,” she wrote.

“So I’m here at Costco,” Altschul says. “It’s crazy today. And I’m getting hurricane supplies. Champagne, batteries and pet toys.” Her basket includes ample batteries, two bottles of champagne and enough toys for her pups.

Of course, the comment section is hilarious. “Two bottles…maybe 7 for the week…a bottle a day 😂. But in all seriousness… stay safe Miss Patricia. And may all the people and animals in the path of this hurricane stay safe,” one person remarked. Another person asked “Michael isn’t doing that for you? The line.”

She’s probably stocked with ‘actual supplies’

A few people asked Altschul if she has water. There’s a pretty good chance her home already has everything you need to ride out a hurricane. Because think about it — it’s Patricia Altschul. This woman throws a dinner party like its nobody’s business.

Experts tell those who live in a hurricane zone to have enough supplies for at least three to seven days. advises people to have “one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, for drinking and sanitation.”

Other basic supplies include nonperishable food for each person for up to three days, batteries, flashlights, first aid kit, and a manual can opener. Hurricanes are known to knock residents off the grid, sometimes for weeks on end. Experts also advise people to have enough prescription (and nonprescription) medications on hand for about two weeks. Also, like Altschul, don’t forget about pet food and pet medications too. A complete supply list is found here.