Patricia Heaton Was Weeping ‘All the Way Down the Aisle’ at Her Wedding to David Hunt

When actor Patricia Heaton married her husband David Hunt in 1990, she had already been married once before and wasn’t sure she was making the right choice.

As it turned out, the couple’s decision was very right, but at the time it was a very weepy occasion for the Everybody Loves Raymond star.

Patricia Heaton, right, with husband, actor and producer David Hunt
Patricia Heaton, right, with husband, actor and producer David Hunt | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Patricia Heaton’s Husband Wooed Her Long-Distance

When Heaton was dating her now-husband British actor and producer David Hunt, the two dated from a distance for a while. Specifically, Hunt would read poetry over the phone to his future wife.

The pair met when Hunt began subletting his New York City apartment to Heaton when he had to film on the West Coast.

“It was love at first sight, on my part,” Hunt told A&E’s Biography in 2003.

While he was away, he would call Heaton and recite poetry to her over the phone. “She never hung up on me,” he said. “That was the inroad that I needed.”

Patricia Heaton and David Hunt
Patricia Heaton and David Hunt | Ralph Notaro/Getty Images

Heaton thought she’d made a huge mistake

Hunt proposed and the couple set their wedding date in 1990 with great expectations and happy hopes for the future, both inwardly convinced they were making a very big mistake.

For Heaton, it was because of her prior, first marriage to another actor.

In her conversation with Biography, she explained that she had met someone from her drama class and quickly married. Just as quickly, she regretted her decision.

“There was no compatibility there,” she said. “So, that marriage lasted three years and then it was over. To get divorced, especially being from a Catholic family, is huge failure. I felt like a huge failure in this very important part of my life.”

Hunt was also experiencing his own reluctance to walk down the aisle.

“I think it was the dying embers of a guy in his early 30s who just hadn’t matured enough to make that kind of commitment,” Hunt said.

Patricia Heaton and David Hunt
Patricia Heaton and David Hunt | SGranitz/WireImage

The couple’s teary wedding day

Heaton recalled crying throughout her own wedding ceremony. Her family and friends thought she was crying out of happiness, but the former star of The Middle knew better.

“All the way down the aisle, I was weeping,” she said. “And people in the pews thought that they were tears of joy. All I was thinking was, ‘Here I go again, marrying an actor that’s completely wrong for me.’”

David Hunt and Patricia Heaton
David Hunt and Patricia Heaton | David Livingston/Getty Images

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Thirty years and four sons later, the couple is still happily together.

Heaton told Parade in 2014, “Marriage is a really wonderful thing, but as hard as I had to work to get where I am professionally, I’ve had to do the exact same thing in marriage.

“It’s tough to be with one person for the rest of your life, when you both grow at different rates and in different directions. You have to figure out how to grow differently ‘together.’”