Patrick Mahomes’ New Endorsement Deal Is Perfect for Him

Patrick Mahomes is one of the hottest NFL players at the moment. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is only 24 years old, but he has already accomplished what most people can only dream of.

His new celebrity status has many companies reaching out to Mahomes for lucrative endorsement opportunities. In fact, he recently landed a really amazing deal that is actually perfect for his personality.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

How Patrick Mahomes became a football star

Mahomes has loved sports since a young age. His father is Pat Mahomes, a former MLB pitcher. Patrick Mahomes ended up playing (and excelling in) both football and baseball for a long time. He was still enjoying both football and baseball in college, though he eventually chose to focus entirely on football in 2016 in order to enter the NFL draft. 

Mahomes signed with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2017. He started out as a backup for Alex Smith, though Smith left the team in early 2018, which led Mahomes to become the starting quarterback.

During his first season as a starting quarterback, Mahomes proved he was a force to be reckoned with. He broke several NFL records and was named to the Pro Bowl as well as recognized as the league’s Most Valuable Player that season.

Patrick Mahomes has a new deal with Adidas

Mahomes’ success in the NFL has got many brands approaching him for endorsement deals. In the past couple of years, he has worked with big names such as Head & Shoulders, Hunts Ketchup, and State Farm.

Recently, Adidas also joined that list after it was announced the company has partnered with Mahomes to launch a special edition footwear called Showtime. The shoes, which came out on September 24, are an MVP edition in Adidas’ AM4 line. They have the letters “MVP” on them as well as Mahomes’ autograph.

They currently retail for $150.

Why this new deal is perfect for Patrick Mahomes

There’s no doubt that Mahomes is excited about having his own shoes with Adidas. After all, he has been very open about his love for shoes.

Mahomes has a net worth of over $10 million, so he bought a luxurious home in Kansas City where he built a room just for his shoes. He gave fans a tour of the place in a video uploaded last month by Bleacher Reports. In it, viewers could see that Mahomes’ shoe room is the size of a normal bedroom and is lined with shelf after shelf of sneakers. He shared that he had been wanting a room just for his shoes for about “six or seven years.”

Mahomes has reportedly 180 pairs, and there is a reason why he decided to build a special space just for them.

“When you don’t have enough room, I feel like you lose the value of some of your shoes,” Mahomes said. “Some of the shoes you’ve worn once, you forget about ’cause you don’t see them.”

Despite the fact that Mahomes has spent a lot of money on the shoes, he told viewers that he actually is not planning on buying that many more. “I feel like [180 pairs] is enough,” he shared. “I can wear each one of them, like, twice a year.”

Aside from shoes, the impressive room also houses Mahomes’ sunglasses, a Google Hub, and a camera. As Mahomes explains, the camera is the “most important” because of how expensive his shoe collection is. However, he also joked that the camera is also there because his brother sometimes comes over and gets interested in his shoe room, so Mahomes wants to be sure that no pair gets stolen.