Patriots Wide Receiver, Julian Edelman, Might Not Be Going to the Super Bowl, but He Will Be Appearing in Court

Julian Edelman has had a pretty illustrious football career so far. Drafted by the New England Patriots in 2009, he quickly became a core member of the often-winning team. While he is used to cheers from throngs of fans, Edelman found himself as the subject of jeers in Beverly Hills, where he was arrested on Jan. 11. So what got Edelman on the wrong side of the law? Details are still developing.

Why was Edelman picked up by police in Beverly Hills?

Edelman was spending some time in Beverly Hills, enjoying the playoff games with his pals. Reportedly Edelman linked up with his friend and former teammate, Danny Amendola, on Jan. 11. The pair, along with several others, had dinner together at Catina FRIDA, before they headed out into the streets. Around 9 pm, police were flagged down by citizens when Edelman jumped onto the hood of a vehicle.

The pro-bowler inexplicably jumped onto the hood of a vehicle that did not belong to him, damaging it in the process. Police responded and issued Edelman a citation; he was released at the scene, according to NBC News. The situation is still developing, but it doesn’t look like Edelman is in a ton of trouble. He will need to appear in court in April 2020 on charges of vandalism, though.

How will the NFL handle Edelman’s arrest?

In recent years the NFL has taken a pretty hard approach to dealing with player arrests. In an attempt to preserve and improve the NFL’s image, the NFL updated its conduct policy. Since the update, numerous players have been suspended for their off-the-field antics. Luckily for Edelman and all those around him, his current legal plight is pretty tame in comparison to some of the league’s most notable incidents.

Julian Edelman #11 of the New England Patriots reacts as they take on the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Wild Card Playoff game at Gillette Stadium
Julian Edelman #11 of the New England Patriots | Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

The majority of the league’s recent actions against players have been due to poor sportsmanship on the field and domestic violence and assault off the field. Several players have also been suspended due to performance-enhancing drug use and violation of the league’s substance-abuse policy. Neither the NFL nor the New England Patriots have commented on the incident or how they plan to handle it.

Edelman is also facing surgery

Edelman may have been feeling good when he jumped onto the hood of a car in Beverly Hills, but that doesn’t mean the famed player is physically well. He has struggled through much of the 2019 NFL season and was a non-factor in the Patriot’s loss to the Tennessee Titans. His lack of involvement might have something to do with a couple of upcoming surgeries.  

According to Boston, Edelman will require both knee surgery and shoulder surgery during the off-season. Surgery on the wide receivers’ left knee will aim to remove a “loose body.” An issue with his shoulder will also be surgically repaired. Edelman is tied to the Patriots through the 2021 season, but it’s unknown how his surgeries will affect his ability to play.