Paul Rudd Talks About His Favorite Moment Filming ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Comedic actor Paul Rudd is hanging with a very elite crew these days. During the lengthy press tour for Avengers: Endgame, Rudd has had a chance to share some previously unknown details about his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. He recently told a story about filming Captain America: Civil War, and it’s kind of adorable. Here’s what we learned.

Paul Rudd poses at a photocall for Captain America: Civil War
Paul Rudd poses at a photocall for Captain America: Civil War | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

Rudd first entered the MCU in Ant-Man

Like many of the other characters in the MCU, Rudd kicked things off with a solo film. Ant-Man, which came out in 2015, introduced Rudd’s Scott Lang, a brilliant engineer turned thief who soon finds himself risking his life when he dons a powerful suit.

The movie, in which Rudd starred opposite Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas, was a humorous addition to the MCU. But at this time, Lang was not yet an Avenger. He had only interacted with Sam Wilson (Falcon) in his own film, though he was aware of the existence of the other heroes.

His character showed up for a pivotal moment in Civil War

The next year, Civil War was released. Though technically the third in the Captain America trilogy, it was more of a team-up film like the rest of the Avengers movies, as it featured almost all of the MCU characters to date — including Ant-Man.

Lang is brought into the action when Wilson and Steve Rogers (Captain America) “go rogue,” so to speak, fighting against those who signed the Soviet Accords. Though not very much time has passed, Lang has clearly been working on using the suit, as we see him become Giant-Man for the first time during the battle at the airport which was, according to co-director Anthony Russo, at least partially to impress Captain America.

Here’s what Rudd said about filming the movie

Not only was Civil War Ant-Man’s introduction to the Avengers, but it was Rudd’s first time as a member of the crew as well. When asked on Jimmy Kimmel Live about the moment that stands out to him the most from filming in the MCU, he said talked about working with everyone for the first time on that movie. Rudd called out one instance in particular in which he related to Lang.

“One time Chris Evans, I was standing opposite him, and he had to run to use the bathroom or something, and he asked the prop guy to hold his shield,” said Rudd. “As he walked off, I just said [to the prop guy] ‘Can I — can I try it?’ I took the shield, and it was –yeah it was very exciting. It was not dissimilar to what my character was feeling in the scene.”

Will he be in any more Marvel movies?

While Ant-Man will almost 100% be in Endgame (I mean, we can’t say anything is absolutely guaranteed, but seeing as he’s been in all of the trailers and promotion, it would be shocking if he’s not), we don’t know what his future will look like in the MCU. There haven’t been any rumors that the character will die, and he signed what studio head Kevin Feige referred to as a “three-plus-plus” deal, which may indicate a third Ant-Man movie. But we’ll have to wait and see how he fares in Endgame.

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