Paul Rudd Reveals A Few Awkward Moments With Jennifer Aniston on the Set of ‘Friends’

Paul Rudd is quite the busy actor. Having appeared as Ant-Man in the history-making blockbuster Avengers: Endgame, and starring in the Netflix series Living With Yourself, Rudd is adding to his already long list of credits.

Some may remember his role as Phoebe Buffay’s love interest on NBC’s hit show Friends. He recently shared some cringeworthy moments he shared with actress Jennifer Aniston while on the set of the beloved sitcom.

Paul Rudd | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Solid acting credentials

According to TV Line, Rudd made his acting debut in the NBC drama Sisters in 1992. Playing the role of Kirby Philby, an aspiring filmmaker who elopes with Reed, played by then up-and-coming actress Ashley Judd, Rudd was on the series for 20 episodes across three seasons.

His film career kicked off with the 1995 cult classic Clueless, which he starred in with Alicia Silverstone. From there, his celeb status went on a consistent upward trajectory where he landed roles in numerous movies, including the Anchorman franchise, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Night at the Museum, and This is 40.

Rudd’s TV credits include The Daily Show, Parks and Recreation, and Friends, where he got to work again with Aniston after the pair starred in two previous films together – The Object of My Affection and Wanderlust.

Becoming a ‘Friend’

The actor appeared on Friends in 2002 as Mike Hannigan, who dated and then married Phoebe (played by Lisa Kudrow). Rudd appreciated getting the role on the show, saying it “was an incredible thing to be a part of, and the whole experience seemed a bit surreal and a bit of a blur.”

Rudd was on the show’s final episode in 2004, at which he was surprised and a bit bewildered. “I was only coming on for a couple of episodes, it turned into a few more,” Rudd said, according to Cosmopolitan. “It was nearing the end of the show, which was a phenomenon… I was in the last episode, which made no sense to me whatsoever.”

Awkward with Aniston

It was during the final episode that Rudd made an ill-timed joke to pal Aniston. He saw her crying and hugging Friends’ co-creator Marta Kauffman and thought he could possibly lighten the mood. “I thought, I’m not supposed to be there. So to break the ice I went over and just went, ‘We did it, huh? What a ride.’ The joke inevitably fell flat,” he revealed.

Rudd shared another blunder he made with the actress when he showed up for his first day on the set. “I was on the set for my first episode and Jennifer was on a Segway because she had broken her toe, and everyone was marveling at it. Matt LeBlanc (who played Joey) asked to have a go and immediately knew how to do it.”

The Ant-Man actor figured he would give it a spin as well. “I then asked to try it too. I spun round and rolled it right over Jennifer’s foot!” he admitted. “The producers look of panic was as if to say, ‘Is it too late to fire him? Has his character been established yet?’ I felt awful. Such an inauspicious start.”

Rudd is now promoting his new Netflix show, where he has the daunting task of playing two versions of himself. “It was a challenge, and I was excited to try it,” he told CBS This Morning. “And you know, normally when you’re acting opposite somebody, you don’t know where a scene’s going to go because what you do is dependent on what the other person is doing. This is the first time I got to think of a scene and construct it from the ground up.”

Living With Yourself” is now on Netflix!