Pauley Perrette Is Not Returning to ‘NCIS’ — Here’s How We Know

Pauley Perrette is better known for her role as a sassy tattooed scientist named Abby Sciuto on NCIS. While she’s an actress, Pauley has a real-life background in studying criminology. This is one of the things that helped her to really bring her character to life in a convincing way. In some ways, she is what made the show interesting and fun.

A little over a year ago, Pauley quit her coveted role on NCIS. Although the reason for leaving the show seemed to be a personal one, fans still held out hope for her return to the CBS hit crime-drama series. However, no matter how much we wish that we could watch more of Abby Scuito’s crime-fighting skills, the reality is that she will most likely never return to NCIS again. So, how can we be so sure that Pauley is done with the show for good? Keep reading to find out.

Why did Pauley Perrette quit ‘NCIS’?

Pauley Perrette and Mark Harmon
Pauley Perrette and Mark Harmon | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

There have been several different theories as exactly why Perrette decided to quit NCIS. Nothing has been completely confirmed, however. The only thing that we know for sure is that she sent out a sequence of cryptic tweets that talked about “multiple physical assaults.”

In one of the tweets, Perrette had said: “Maybe I’m wrong for not ‘spilling the beans’ Telling the story, THE TRUTH. I feel I have to protect my crew, jobs and so many people. But at what cost? I don’t know. Just know I am trying to do the right thing, but maybe silence isn’t the right thing about crime. I’m…Just…?”

Is Pauley Perrette feuding with Mark Harmon?

Many people had theorized that maybe she was referring to the feud that she and Mark Harmon have been in for a few years now. Back in 2016, Harmon had brought his dog on the set of NCIS and it had bitten a crew member. The bite was so bad that the crew member reportedly had to get a number of stitches.

After the incident, Harmon continued to bring his dog to the set and Perrette was very unhappy about that. Since the incident, Mark and Pauley had not filmed any scenes together and would actually come to work at different times so that they did not have to see each other.

Many people thought that the dog bite may be what Pauley was referring to when she had said that there were “multiple physical attacks.” However, a source that was close to the situation has said that the dog incident had nothing to do with Pauley’s decision to leave the show and, in fact, she had already been thinking about leaving way before Mark’s dog had caused any problem on the set.

How do we know that Pauley Perrette will not be returning to ‘NCIS’?

The fact that there is presumably someone on the set of NCIS has hurt Pauley in some way means that she would probably never consider going back to the set of NCIS again. However, another reason that we have to believe that Pauley is done with that show for good is the fact that she will now be starring in a brand new CBS television series called Broke.

The new show is about a man (played by Jaime Camil) who has grown up to be an extremely wealthy man thanks to his even wealthier father. One day, his dad decides to cut him off from the family fortune which leaves him with no other option than to go live with sister-in-law (played by Pauley Perrette).

This new multi-camera sitcom will have Pauley playing a much different role than what she is used to. Although her new character is known to be a little tough and snarky, she will reportedly be playing the role of a single mother who works in a bar and is trying to take care of her 9-year-old son all by herself.

This role will finally allow fans to get to see Pauley on the small screen again and will also let us see a more in-depth look at her wide range of acting skills that she possesses. Broke is expected to air on CBS during their 2019-2020 season. We can’t wait to see Pauley in her new role later this year.