People Are Really Cancelling BBC Over This 1 Massive Kobe Bryant Mistake

Kobe Bryant’s sudden death shocked the nation. The fact that his 13-year-old daughter Gianna Bryant passed away as well, along with almost a dozen others, only served to compound the tragedy. 

Fans reacted with disbelief. Something about Kobe seemed so constant. He was a staple of NBA basketball, and fiercely loyal to his LA team, the Lakers. Fans returned the loyalty in kind. When news of his helicopter crash reached the city, people created a shrine to Kobe at the stadium.

Now, just a few short weeks after his death, he’s been memorialized in murals all over the country, and even the world. Artists in LA, Austin, and even the Philippines have immortalized Gianna and Kobe in paint. 

The pain is real for fans, which is what made the BBC incident even worse. 

The BBC aired LeBron James footage instead of Kobe Bryant 

Kobe Bryant plays basketball
Kobe Bryant | Harry How/Getty Images

In what can only be described as a horrific mistake, producers at the BBC accidentally included footage of LeBron James in a news segment about Kobe and Gianna’s passing. 

The segment started with a picture of Gianna and Kobe enjoying a game together. Then, it cut to footage of James on the court in his Lakers uniform. It appears the footage might be from when James passed Kobe on the all time NBA scoring list. 

The clip of James on court is embarrassingly long. After the on-court clip of James, the BBC cut back to another photo of Kobe. The fact that the clip of James was surrounded by pictures of Kobe before and after only makes the mistake more confusing.

It seems that the producers did know who Kobe was, but went with a clip of James out of laziness and inattention to detail. 

Fans are upset about the mistake

The error has drawn criticism from fans and non fans alike. The BBC is a British network, and reddit users from across the pond were embarrassed by their most famous channel’s representation. Even though the BBC apologized for the incident, NBA fans from all over the world were still very hurt. Emotions are running high after Kobe’s sudden passing, so this just added insult to injury. 

Even though fans were upset at the carelessness, they do seem to be mostly in agreement that it is just  carelessness. Some have suggested that the confusion may have racist undertones. However, most seem to agree that this error had more to do with video labeling and lack of quality control.

Since the clip of James was of him beating Kobe’s record, it may have been tagged with Kobe’s name in the BBC archives. This could have led to it being included in the broadcast automatically, and it seems like no one at the BBC reviewed the footage before airing it. 

Kobe Bryant’s last tweet congratulated LeBron James

As a fan on reddit pointed out, another reason that the BBC could have confused these two is that Kobe’s last tweet was congratulating James. Even though Kobe was knocked out of his spot as third highest all-time scorer in the NBA, he was happy that James, a fellow Laker, took his place.

On January 25th, 2020 Kobe tweeted and added a post on Instagram to encourage James to keep going, on to the number two spot on the list. 

Kobe and James have a lot in common. Both were recruited right out of high school. Both are champions, and excellent players. Despite being signed to massive contracts while they were still in their teens, both James and Kobe stayed focused on the game. Kobe retired in 2016, after 10 years with the Lakers. He likely would have kept playing, but injuries ended his career early. 

Kobe’s congratulatory social media posts prove why fans loved the all-star. Kobe was a team player, and placed his love of the Lakers above his personal pride.