People Love Keanu Reeves So Much That There Is Now a Song About Him

Keanu Reeves’ popularity has not slowed down one bit even after three decades in Hollywood. It seems that, if anything, he is gaining new fans around every corner these days.

People have been talking a lot about his sweet personality recently and even dubbed him “the internet’s boyfriend.”

In fact, many fans might be surprised to learn that there is now a song about Reeves. Read on below to find out what this song is.

Keanu Reeves rose to fame in the 1980s

Keanu Reeves on the red carpet
Keanu Reeves | JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX/AFP via Getty Images

Reeves first came into the public’s consciousness back in the 1980’s. He appeared in a few movies such as Youngblood (1986), River’s Edge (1986), and Dangerous Liaisons (1988) before really hitting it big with Bills and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989).

In the 1990s, he gained even more recognition after starring in Speed (1994) and The Matrix (1999). In between these films, he continued to appear in other very popular films and became known for being an actor with longevity in Hollywood.

These days, he is also the star of the John Wick franchise, which have been hugely successful at the box office and raking in over $500 million over the past few years.

Keanu Reeves is widely loved on the internet

Unlike many actors who struggle to have a long-lasting career, Reeves is seeing a surge in popularity at 55 years old. This is mainly due to all the nice stories of him being passed around the internet.

For example, a fan once shared on Twitter: “Keanu bought the house and property that is now my son’s preschool and handed it all over to the kids … not because he himself had a kid that went there. He had no connection to it at all. He just heard they needed a place and so bought it for them.”

Actress Octavia Spencer also recalled a time when she was stranded on the side of the road and Reeves helped her when no one else would.

“No one would help me because my car was so dirty,” Spencer said. “It wasn’t until Keanu Reeves came by. He was on a motorcycle, wearing his motorcycle helmet and sunglasses and I didn’t recognize it was him when he pulled over. And he was like, ‘Hey, do you need some help?'”

Spencer shared that she was very grateful for Reeves. Ever since that day, Spencer has tried to always attend opening-day premieres of his movies.

Moreover, many crew members working on Reeves’ movies have shared that the actor is kind to everyone on set. He helps out wherever he can and even sometimes buys food for people.

Logic made a song called ‘Keanu Reeves’

After Reeves got a lot of popularity in the past few years, rapper Logic decided to pay homage to the actor with a track. Logic released “Keanu Reeves” in January 2019 and it also became a part of his album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which came out in May.

However, the song is not actually about Reeves per se. It talks more about Logic’s fame and career. In it, Logic raps about things like getting courtside seats, flying on private jets, and having a lot of money.

He also makes fun of his own popularity with lines such as “When them soccer moms pull up in they van while I ride, like ‘Oh my god, children, it’s the 1-800 guy.'”

Logic’s reference to the real Keanu Reeves comes up during the chorus when he says “I’m the one, b***h, I am the one, like Keanu Reeves.” “The One” refers to Reeves’ character, Neo, in The Matrix.