People Tried to Mom-Shame Snooki for Using a Stroller at Disney World and She Wasn’t Having It

Any parent who’s taken their kids to Disney knows that a trip to the park can be exhausting, both for grown-ups and kiddos. For many families, a stroller is an absolute must if you plan to spend an entire day at the Magic Kingdom. After all, at some point, little ones will be too worn out to walk.

But that didn’t stop some people from questioning Jersey Shore star Snooki’s decision to use strollers for her two kids, 6-year-old Lorenzo and 4-year-old Giovanna, during a recent family trip to Disney World. When the pregnant TV star posted a pic from their fun vacation to Instagram, a few commenters called her out, saying her kids were way too old not to be walking on their own.

“Omg my kids would never be in a stroller that big,” one person commented. “3 kids and have done Disney 3 times. If you’re over 2, you’re walking. And I’ve never lost anyone.”

“Those kids are waayy too old to be in a stroller!” wrote another.

Are Snooki’s kids too old for strollers?

Snooki and family
Snooki, her husband Jionni LaValle, and their two kids in 2015 | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Snooki wasn’t about to be mom-shamed for using a stroller at Disney. “They walk! But in large crowds I prefer they sit their a**es down. Saves me the stress of not losing my offspring,” she replied in a comment.

Plenty of Disney vets chimed in to say that Snooki had the right idea. Aside from concern about losing a child in a crowd, many pointed out that some kids couldn’t handle all that walking.

“What’s up with all the mom shaming? Some of you act like you’re the perfect parent with perfect children,” wrote one of Snooki’s defenders. “Good for you if your child will walk 10 miles at Disney World. If she wants to put her kids in a stroller, let her! I’m 32 years old and I would ride around in a stroller too around Disney.”

“Disney is big, she’s super pregnant, kids get tired,” wrote another. “If strollers make everyone’s experience better and more enjoyable, why not???”

Disney’s new stroller rules

Strollers at Disneyland
Strollers parked at Disneyland in March 2019. | Jeff Gritchen/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images

While many parents have good reasons for wanting to rely on a stroller while at Disney, new park rules could make it a little more difficult in the future.

Beginning May 1, strollers wider that 31 inches and longer than 52 inches will be banned from Disney parks, as will stroller wagons. For many, those new rules won’t be a problem, since most single-child and some two-child strollers will still meet the guidelines. But certain large strollers will be prohibited. ( has a rundown of some popular strollers models that will — and won’t — be allowed under the new rules.)

The goal of the ban is to reduce overcrowding in the parks, the OC Register reported, especially in Disneyland in advance of the highly anticipated new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction, which opens May 31. But the ban, especially the restrictions on wagons, has some parents upset. They say they rely on the wagons to make the park accessible to special needs kids. Disney has said that it will make accommodations for guests with disabilities.  

Disney has also banned all smoking at its California and Florida theme parks.