Pete Buttigieg Once Ate a Pork-Covered Ice Cream Sundae

There are some truly atrocious and earth-shattering political scandals out there. Once you put yourself in the public eye by running for office, you have opened yourself up to scrutiny of the highest level.

Sometimes, these prying looks into a candidate’s past can prove to be quite bothersome. Just ask Donald Trump, who is currently fighting back rumors that he is not as rich as he claims while refusing to hand over his tax returns to put the story to rest. 

Presidential candidates and officeholders are among the most heavily scrutinized. From Hillary Clinton’s email servers to Ronald Reagan’s Iran-Contra affair, their political actions and choices become matters of national concern. Being in the political sphere also means that past actions can come back to haunt you.

Donald Trump probably never expected to hear the “locker room” audio being played on the national news. General David Petraeus likely did not expect to have his affair blasted across national headlines. 

That’s the risk of being in the public eye, though. It’s a risk that 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg knew well, and he had to admit to a truly disgusting act on The Tonight Show. 

Buttigieg has faced both fans and critics 

Pete Buttigieg on the campaign trail
Pete Buttigieg | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Pete Buttigieg is currently the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He has garnered a lot of attention for his boyish good looks, Midwestern charm, and groundbreaking status as an openly gay man running for the highest office in the land. While he had very low name recognition when the 2020 race began, he has shot up in the polls and grown a strong fanbase that hopes to see him elected. 

He has also faced horrendous anti-LGBT rhetoric from the opposing party and had to defend himself against critics who claim he is too young to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. 

Buttigieg appeared on ‘The Tonight Show’

Buttigieg (or “Mayor Pete” as his fans affectionately call him) appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon alongside Scarlett Johansson. He, Fallon, and Johansson played a game called True Confessions. The players take turns reading a “fact” about themselves from an envelope. The fact may be true, or it may be a fabrication. 

The other players have to ask questions to try to determine if their opponent is actually lying or telling the truth. Buttigieg started out well when he correctly guessed that Johansson was telling the truth when she revealed she had been stung by a jellyfish off the coast of Italy.

Next up was Fallon who claimed that he had given the Heimlich maneuver to Jerry Seinfeld. Both Johansson and Buttigieg correctly determined Fallon was lying. 

He revealed a secret in a game 

After Fallon took his turn, it was Buttigieg’s chance to stump the other players. He claimed that, on the campaign trail years ago, he once ate an ice cream sundae made entirely out of pork.

Fallon and Johansson peppered him with questions to determine whether he was telling the truth. He added details, revealing that he was at a county fair trying to “impress the locals.”

He washed the unusual treat down with a root beer even though his favorite soda is Diet Coke. 

Fallon and Johansson stared Buttigieg down to try to determine his veracity before Johansson quipped, “Oh! He’s a politician. I can’t tell!” As the audience laughed at her joke, she and Fallon confirmed their final answer: they believed Buttigieg really did eat the meat-covered sundae. Buttigieg admitted that he did, in fact, eat it. 

While this reveal from Buttigieg’s past may be a little shocking, discerning fans will note that his behavior has not changed much over recent years. At this year’s Iowa State Fair, Buttigieg was seen scarfing down everything from root beer floats to pork chops on a stick, and this time there are photographs to prove it