Pete Davidson Covered Up His Ariana Grande Neck Tattoo with This Harsh Statement

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande attends the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on August 20, 2018 in New York City
Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for MTV

When Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande were dating and engaged, they went all in on their relationship, getting tattoos in honor of each other. When they called off their engagement, they were left with all that ink – and each got to work covering up the words and images they had permanently put on their body.

How many tattoos did Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have for each other?

In addition to the matching “mille tendresse” tattoos on their necks, the two also had tiny clouds inked on their fingers and Davidson had a bunny-earred mask tattooed behind his ear, like the mask Grande wears on the cover of her Dangerous Woman album cover. He also had the initials “AG” inked on his finger and “Grande” tattooed vertically along his side.

Davidson later changed the bunny mask to a heart with a small “a” next to it, matching a heart tattoo Grande has on her body. The SNL star also has their pet pig “Piggy Smalls” tattooed on his torso.

The couple had other matching tattoos as well, including: ink that said “REBORN” on their thumbs and tattoos of “H2GKMO” on their right thumbs, one of Grande’s favorite sayings, “Honest to God, knock me out.” Grande also had “always” inked across her ribcage, reportedly in Davidson’s handwriting and “PETE” tatted on her ring finger.

Davidson covers one Grande tattoo with a harsh statement

One of the tattoos Davidson had in honor of Grande was a neck tattoo that matched the singer’s: the French phrase “mille tendresse” which translates to “a thousand tendernesses.” The line, from the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, was tattooed on the back of Grande’s neck four years prior.

In a recent image of Davidson posted by tattoo artist Jon Mesa, it’s clear that “mille tendresse” is no more… in its place, inked right over the delicate cursive writing, is a harsh statement: “CURSED.”

His tattoo artist was showing off another new ink

Mesa’s Instagram post was, in fact, referencing one of Davidson’s new tattoos, a nostalgic shout out to the Tootsie Roll Pop owl. Mesa noted in the caption: “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? Fun tats for the homie #petedavidson.”

Despite the spot-on rendering of the owl from the classic Tootsie Roll Pop commercial, fans were drawn to the neck ink which the Grande inspired tattoo once called home. One person noted in the comments: “Is no one gonna talk about the tattoo he covered on his neck???? *AHEM.*” Another person added: “Cursed, eh? Nice neck tat.”

They’ve both changed up their tattoos since the split

After their breakup, it was’t much of a surprise that they each took measures to cover up the tattoos that once symbolized their relationship. For example, in December, Grande showed off a tattoo on her foot that said ‘Myron,’ in honor of the dog Mac Miller had adopted. Fans noticed it was in the same spot where the singer had tattooed Davidson’s firefighter dad’s badge number, which he has tattooed on his arm.

Grande also covered Davidson’s initials with a black heart and the ‘Reborn’ tattoo has been covered with a sprig of lavender.