Pete Holmes’ ‘Crashing’ Live Tweets Are Just as Hilarious as the Show

Pete Holmes Instagram

Season three of HBO’s Crashing promised more laughs and a string of cameo appearances from new comedians, but also the usual suspects. Back this season is the controversial shock-comedian, Artie Lange, plus previews include more of John Mulaney, Amy Schumer, and Ray Romano.

The season three premiere certainly delivered plenty of original material and also featured an up-and-coming new comedian. During the half-hour show, star Pete Holmes live-tweeted, which provided additional context for the show. Of course, Holmes started his tweets with a bang writing, “my dad is definitely watching the patriots right now.” To which an actor in the show responded, “I’m a background actor and I’m on this episode and I’m watching the game too.”

Pete displays his road style

During the intro, the camera follows Pete on his college tour. He is shown checking into motel after motel. He sets up his food in each room and viewers get a glimpse of a few jokes. During his lonely road trip, he is hilariously babbling to himself. And he tweeted, “i used to talk to myself in my car when i was on the road because TRAVELING ALONE MAKES YOU GO MAD.”

Plus he addressed his clever use of icing down food in the hotel room. “I’m so proud I got my road-fridge technique on TV. ICE IN THE HOTEL SINK BABY!”

Fans got to meet Jabouki

During one of his stops, he is introduced by a young college comic named Jabouki. The young comic does a set before Pete hits the stage and his low key, super hilarious delivery wins Pete (and the crowd) over immediately.

During the show, Holmes offers this on Twitter. “if you need to cast a young comedian who’s funnier than you, just cast a young comedian who’s funnier than you. It’s @jaboukie!!” He also reveals this about Jabouki. “this is @jaboukie’s real material, obv. one of the best things about #CrashingHBO is the comics doing their real stuff. Killing it!”

Pete and Jabouki have drinks and decide Jabouki needs to move to New York and get his start. Pete feels as though he’s paying it forward by giving Jabouki a place to crash. Holmes tweeted, “We named the bar we’re drinking in Uncle Larry’s bar and grill. It’s in memory of my amazing Uncle Larry who passed but loved this show. Love you Larry!”

New York’s my town – cocky Pete

Pete presents himself as a comedy circuit authority for Jabouki. They road trip back to the city and Holmes tweeted, “TV fun fact: every car people are shooting a scene in is BOILING HOT. it’s cuz you can’t run the a/c for the sound. that’s why i’m GLISTENING.”

After Pete and Jabouki arrive, Pete wants to show Jabouki around the city. They walk by the comedy hotspots. And Holmes tweeted, “We had to cut a scene for time where Pete runs into a barker and tells them to ‘hang in there.’ Hahahah.” Of course, they hit the Boston. “The guy on stage in the Boston is Dan Shaki, we started in NYC together. So funny,” Holmes tweeted.

The pair also stop at the Comedy Celler. Holmes tweeted, “Estee, the booker at the Cellar, is playing herself. She’s also the woman who heckled me in the first episode! EASTER EGG!” Plus, he shares, “Keith Robinson! Killin it. For my Cellar set, I did material I used to do at colleges. We wanted to show the difference between “road’ stuff and ‘city’ stuff.” He added, that when Robinson introduced him he tweeted, “The subtitles had Keith saying ‘no problem, man’ when I’m very certain he said ‘brother man.’ Get HIPPER, subtitle people!

And Pete goes down

Pete is blown away when Jabouki gets a spot at the Comedy Celler thanks to comedian Michelle Wolf. Jabouki makes a joke about how when he’s in CVS everyone thinks he’s stealing. Holmes tweeted, “I used to shoplift in cvs too.” When Pete awkwardly approaches Estee he tweets, “‘You Were Always on My Mind’ by Willie Nelson is in the background, it’s my mom and dad’s song. Which is f**king weird if you think about it.”

Of course, Estee tells him he bombed and wasn’t ready. And his set did nothing for her. Pete goes from being on top of the world to the bottom. Especially when he sees Jabouki laughing and getting along with Estee so well. And she books him too, which crushes Pete. Jabouki seems uneasy about the encounter with Pete. “Jaboukie is a great actor! Especially when he pretended to be okay with me balling him ‘Books,’” Holmes tweeted.

Who has Pete’s back? Artie Lange, of course. The two play some racketball. “Artie playing Yoda again! Love it,” Holmes tweeted. Plus, “Artie picking Pete back up yet again!”

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