Peter Madrigal from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Slams Lisa Vanderpump Twitter Trolls

SUR manager Peter Madrigal from Vanderpump Rules has had enough of the Twitter trolls dogging his boss Lisa Vanderpump.

After the fallout from “Puppy Gate” and Vanderpump going MIA from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, the typically low-key manager had enough of the hate. And he did his best to squash the Twitter trolls attacking Vanderpump.

Peter Madrigal, Lisa Vanderpump
Peter Madrigal, Lisa Vanderpump |Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Madrigal has been accused of riding Vanderpump’s coattails and only coming to her defense because Vanderpump signs his paychecks. But for those who watch the show, they can see Madrigal is more than just a manager at SUR. He’s been a longtime employee and has a significant amount of respect and love for the restauranteur.

It started with this tweet

A Dallas-based rep for Vanderpump’s wine posted a picture to Twitter. She commented, “I met @LisaVanderpump in March @ a special event for the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden. She was epically amazing. I’m a rep for her wine in Dallas & it flies off the shelves. Sorry, but these allegations are trash. She’s the bad ass woman that I expected….and more.”

Vanderpump hilariously responded, “Well thank you darling… Sooo no awful odors,bad wine or dreadful gums then?” Madrigal saw the tweet, retweeted it along with the word, “Snap.”

Of course, that caused a flood of opinions and assertions on Madrigal’s Twitter feed. One Twitter user wrote, “[Peter] clearly you are going to side with your boss, which is admirable but she chose to walk away, rather than do her job & then has spoken to the media as well as Ken attacking the other cast members. So it seems to me as a viewer, she plays victim.”

The cast is proud of Vanderpump

The user continued by acknowledging that while Vanderpump suffered a number of losses, she is still never held accountable for her actions. Madrigal shot back. “You missed alotta episodes then, because almost all of those ‘ladies’ attacked, more than once and that’s not part of Lisa’s ‘job’ to be abused & called a liar. She’s a strong businesswoman who didn’t need any of that bulls**t & stood up for herself. We’re all proud of her.”

Another person brought up the fight between Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville from RHOBH. “Wrong,” Madrigal responded. “But thanks showing yourself to be a troll. *yawn.*”

Madrigal received plenty of praise for defending Vanderpump too. “Thank you for standing up for our Queen! I had to quit watching RHOBH because I was sick of watching LVP get kicked around and everyone targeting her,” one person tweeted to Madrigal. “Love Vanderpump Rules and LVP!”

But when one fan responded favorably about Madrigal’s Twitter takedown, he said he didn’t plan to go on a rant. “Wasn’t intended, but it is so frustrating to read this nonstop sense & today I was compelled to step in. I will continue to defend myself, Lisa, the cast & staff. If you don’t like them or me, don’t view.”