Peter Weber Reveals What Sets Kelley Flanagan Apart From His Relationships in the Past

Season 24 of The Bachelor ended with Peter Weber receiving a lot of backlash. He has since moved on and is in a relationship with Kelley Flanagan. The pilot explained what makes their relationship different from the ones that didn’t work out in the past.

Peter Weber’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ was very messy

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Weber was the star of season 24 of The Bachelor. The season ended with Madison Prewett dumping Weber. That left Hannah Ann Sluss to be the last woman standing and he proposed to her.

However, the finale showed they met again and Weber decided to end their engagement. Host, Chris Harrison reunited Weber and Prewett, but they didn’t get back together.

Weber was confronted by both women about their problems. Sluss claimed he was indecisive not only between her and Prewett. He reached out to Hannah Brown too while they were engaged.

“I’m the farthest thing from perfect,” Weber said on The Viall Files podcast. “I made a ton of mistakes. But if I can learn from those and move forward and just be a better person at the end of this all, which I do feel like I am now, you know, it’s worth it. And that’s all I can do.”

Kelley Flanagan and Weber started dating

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Weber was later seen in Chicago with Flanagan in March. They first claimed they were just friends, but they later confirmed they’re dating.

Flanagan at first seemed like a frontrunner during the season. That’s because they met before the season started. However, they later accused each other of not being ready for marriage. He then sent her home before hometown dates.

Weber didn’t confirm they were dating until he posted a picture of them kissing on May 2. “You caught me. Let the adventure begin,” he captioned a photo of them kissing while he was flying a plane on Instagram.

He has more confidence with Flanagan

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan on 'The Bachelor'
Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan on ‘The Bachelor’ | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

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Weber and Flanagan started dating after his season of The Bachelor. They are still together and Weber told Entertainment Tonight why their relationship is different from the ones he had in the past.

“With Kelley, it literally sounds so cliché — I can just be myself. She truly gets me,” the former reality star said. “She’s my biggest fan and she supports me and she’s always there for me. I know I have my partner in crime forever.”

The pilot said he “never had this confidence from a relationship before.” He then said, “I’ve grown a lot but I’m not saying it’s all on me either … she is, I truly believe, the perfect person for me. And I feel so blessed to have this have worked out.”

Their families have met since the season aired. They also plan to live in New York City together and vlog about their travels.