Peter Weber Said His Reunion with Madison ‘Proved His Mom Right’ After That Heated ‘The Bachelor’ Finale

It’s been said before, but let’s say it again: Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor was absolutely one of the most dramatic. The audience didn’t really like the contestants this season, and Peter didn’t seem to really know how to deal with all the drama. But regardless, nothing compared to his season finale. After proposing to Hannah Ann, Peter called it off and then Madison wanted to start over. At the “After The Final Rose” live special, his mother Barbara received a lot of backlash from fans for what she said about Madison. However, Peter now admits his mom was right all along. 

Madison Prewitt and Peter Weber on 'The Bachelor: Season Finale Part 2.'
Madison Prewitt and Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor: Season Finale Part 2’ | ABC/John Fleenor

Peter Weber and his mom Barbara are still “so close” 

Even right after the Webers met Madison, they had concerns that they shared with Peter. Barbara thought that Hannah Ann was a better fit for her son, just based on the fact that he and Madison were much more different. Then, on the season finale, Barbara went harder with her criticism regarding Madison. Madison nor the audience appreciated that very much.

Even though Peter decided to continue with Madison, they broke up a couple of days later (again) and many blamed his mom. But despite what everyone thinks, Peter and Barbara are still really close and in a “really good place.”

“I know she’s just my number one fan. And only wanted what’s best for me,” Peter said on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast on April 7. “That whole thing obviously just came from a place of love. Could the delivery of everything had been so different? Absolutely. She’s the first one to admit that.”

Peter said that Barbara was dramatic but that’s just how his family is. “I feel that’s a lot of families, to be honest. And everyday life just behind closed doors. People aren’t gonna agree all the time,” he continued. “Family members are gonna just have their own opinions and be passionate about it.” 

Peter is proud of Barbara for how she spoke out at ‘The Bachelor’ finale

Interestingly enough, Peter shared that the whole situation actually made him more appreciative of his mother after he reflected on it further. Barbara is “very outspoken,” as the audience saw and Peter shared that there was pressure on Barbara to follow a sort of script. So he’s proud of her for sticking to her gut. 

“Being on live TV, being in that pressure situation, having all this pressure to kind of conform to maybe, possibly a certain narrative, the fact that she didn’t and doing that out of her love for me is such a beautiful thing,” he said. “Delivery aside, that’s something that I respect the hell out of my mom for. Something I wish I can be a little bit more like her in regards to just putting your foot down and speaking your true heart.” 

Again, he wanted to reiterate that their relationship didn’t take too much of a hit and they are now doing really well. “We come in and we give each other a hug and nothing is going to get in the way of that,” Peter said. “And it’s all good, we’ll have each other’s back. You know, we’re family. And those are the closest people to me. And I’m very lucky to have that kind of relationship.”

Rachel Lindsay points out the cultural differences that might have impacted the backlash

Rachel Lindsay, former bachelorette and co-host of the podcast with another The Bachelorette alum Becca Kufrin, also added some of her thoughts on what happened as well.

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“I think things just needed to cool down,”  Lindsay told Peter. “To me, it was a cultural thing, which I understood.” Peter agreed right away, saying that “not many people did.” 

“Yeah and that’s just, in general, who watches the show,” Lindsay explained. “They don’t understand things. Like, I agree — and I think you said your mom agrees — the delivery wasn’t right but I understood the passion and the intention behind it.”  

In the end, Peter did “100 percent” agree with Lindsay that his mom was right about him and Madison. “The next two days with Madison and I, we had a lot of conversations and at the end of the day, at the end of that second day, we were just proving my mom right,” Peter said. “And I’ve always heard that. ‘Mom knows best.’ And there’s a reason that saying’s out there and I think they do.”