Peter Weber’s Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Are Freaking Out After Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett Get Together

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor feels like an eternity ago to fans, but it was certainly one for the books. While Weber got down on one knee for Hannah Ann Sluss, the two called off their engagement just months later after Sluss discovered Weber had lingering feelings for Madison Prewett. Sadly, Weber and Prewett couldn’t make their relationship work, either. And the whole ordeal put a major strain on Prewett and Sluss’ friendship.

So, where do Prewett and Sluss stand today? It seems the ladies are great friends and were able to bond over their ordeal. And former contestants are freaking out after Sluss and Prewett’s recent meetup.

Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett had a strained relationship after ‘The Bachelor’

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Sluss and Prewett competed for Weber’s love, and that can certainly be hard on a friendship. While neither of them ended up with the Bachelor star in the end, Sluss talked candidly about where she stood with Prewett after all was said and done. And she initially told Nick Viall on his Viall Files podcast that the fantastic friendship they once had was completely strained.

According to Sluss, Prewett reached out to her after the broken engagement. “So, she reached out to me after the breakup. We were really good friends on the show. Really good friends, actually,” Sluss explained.

“Are we good friends now? I’m definitely open to going to get coffee. I said, hey, let’s go get coffee or dinner next time you’re in L.A. and we’ll go from there,” Weber’s ex-fiancée noted. “I think everyone involved just wants to move forward. And, me and Madison, we were really good friends on the show. And we’ll see where this coffee date brings us.”

They’re now good friends and recently met up

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On a date.. kinda nervous

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It looks like whatever strain there may have been between Sluss and Prewett is now gone. “We’re on great terms,” Prewett verified to Chris Harrison on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons — Ever! “Yes, we’re good friends. We have, you know, just a deep connection that we made on the show and that’s continued on after the show.”

Now, the two are breaking social distancing protocol to hang out. Prewett posted a series of photos of her and Sluss in masks to her Instagram on July 7 with the caption, “On a date.. kinda nervous.” And the photo series included one of the two women wearing masks, another without masks, and another of them having a picnic.

Sluss gave more context to their hangout on her Instagram Story. “Date night! Guess who I’m with?” Sluss stated on her Story while panning the camera over to Prewett. The two ladies then had a “baking night” where they baked “homemade cookies, cinnamon bread, and Twix bars.”

Contestants from Peter Weber’s season are loving this hang out

Peter Weber and the contestants on 'The Bachelor'
Peter Weber and the contestants on ‘The Bachelor’ | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

So, how do fans feel about these two being reunited? It seems they’re all for it. And Weber’s former contestants are loving it, too. The leading ladies took to Prewett’s Instagram post of her and Sluss to share their thoughts and show some love.

“Name a better duo. I’ll wait,” Tammy Ly playfully commented.

“Reunited and it looks sooooooo goooood!” Natasha Parker noted.

“The kind of group date I wish I was on,” Victoria Paul also wrote.

Kelsey Weier wrote, “I miss you both!”

Lexi Buchanan added, “This makes me happy.

We love how all of the support Prewett and Sluss are getting after meeting up, and we can’t wait to see what they get up to together in the future!

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