Phase 4 of the MCU Is Practicing Diversity Behind the Scenes In a Big Way

Outside of Marvel always talking about practicing diversity in their movies, they still have a long way to go. Some of those ideas are just talk at the boardroom tables at the moment while others are already underway.

Phase 4 is going to show the next level of that commitment, even if some of the inclusion will be behind the camera. Hiring more women at Marvel has been a top priority for a while, if some ideas being put on a waiting list. Case in point would be Brie Larson’s recent plea to do an all-women MCU movie.

Maybe fans won’t see that for a while. At the very least, more women are in the director chairs for Phase Four movies as a point of diversity off-screen.

Most of the Phase 4 movies revolve around women characters

Kevin Feige speaks onstage
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Many sites have been celebrating the fact that Phase Four is really wrapped around women being the dominant force from the get-go. All fans know this is going to kick off with Black Widow next year with a primarily female cast. Even if Scarlett Johansson is sometimes a controversial figure, her Natasha Romanoff character has a lot of kick-butt qualities to help push forward the trope of women as lead superheroes.

Let’s also not forget that Natalie Portman will be taking the lead role in Thor: Love & Thunder next year. Her role is going to be a pivotal one because it’ll bring more humanistic edges to the superhero angle. Considering her Jane Foster character may be dealing with cancer and have to take the mantle of male Thor’s job, the all-powerful superhero idea will take a bit of a rest.

Plus, there’s going to be Asian women in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, namely Awkwafina. The Eternals will additionally have three strong women leads, one of which includes Angelina Jolie.

This is already good news for the big screen. Upcoming Disney+ shows have more women representation going on behind the curtain for one key Marvel series.

A female director will helm all episodes of ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

Many Captain America fans are excited about the upcoming Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, continuing the adventures of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in the title’s respective roles.

While this may be centered on two male leads again, a woman is going to direct all six episodes, notes ScreenRant. This is Kari Skogland, the only woman hired to direct one of the upcoming Disney+ originals.

It’s always interesting to see a woman direct a show centered on male leads. The directorial insights are often insightful, if still respectful toward their opposite gender. How this is going to play out on F&WS will be worth watching considering it’s going to be an emotional series dealing with the aftermath of the events in Endgame.

Skogland will be sharing the director chair with two other women selected to direct a couple of big-screen MCU films. Cate Shortland will direct Black Widow, then Chloe Zhao will direct Eternals, with latter reportedly bringing a unique perspective to the ancient characters.

More women will be doing things with Marvel, but what about further inclusion?

Women are going to become a major part of the MCU over the next few years and beyond. Don’t forget about a sequel to Captain Marvel, likely arriving at the end of Phase Four. Brie Larson more or less shattered all glass when it came to putting a woman up front in a superhero costume.

Afterward, though, it’s worth noting again Marvel has a long road ahead to include everyone they’ve promised. Those talks are ongoing and may take time to evolve as a way to convince some internal executives major inclusion won’t affect the key demographics or U.S. regions.

No change can ultimately happen until someone at Marvel is brave enough to put the first foot forward.