This Photo of Kylie Jenner Gives Us a Small Glimpse of How Much Money She Really Has

Kylie Jenner is the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. And while some might argue that she isn’t “self-made” at all, she didn’t inherit her $1 billion, so by definition, she is. But it’s hard to actually grasp how much money someone has when they are worth $1 billion — though a recent photo of Jenner does a great job of trying.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Jenner’s cosmetics company took off once it launched in 2015

For a while, Jenner was the least-talked-about member of her family, mostly because she was so much younger than her three older sisters, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian. Plus, once her other sister, Kendall Jenner, turned 18, her modeling career took off, and Jenner was left trying to figure out in which direction she wanted her life to go. She realized that there was a lot of attention focused on her lips and ran with the idea of creating lip kits. The Kylie Lip Kit launched in 2015, and it was a massive hit. Since then, Jenner has expanded the brand to become Kylie Cosmetics, and she now has a skincare line called Kylie Skin.

She credits her mother for the business’ success

If anyone should be studied in business schools, it’s Kris Jenner. The momager has a way of taking any brand to new levels, and she somehow turned her family’s 30-minute reality television show into an empire. Kris Jenner helped her daughter’s makeup line succeed, and Kylie Jenner has since credited her mother with helping the brand become what it is today. In March 2019, Jenner’s brand was evaluated at $900 billion; since Jenner owns 100% of the company, her total net worth became more than $1 billion. She earned Forbes’ title of world’s youngest self-made billionaire at 21 years old.

Jenner’s photo of her and Kris Jenner on a private jet shows us a glimpse of how wealthy she really is

Jenner is still low key, despite having so much money. But every once in a while, she shares a photo with her followers that gives us a glimpse into how much she is really worth. Jenner recently posted a photo on a private jet alongside her mother, and everything about the photo said “luxury.” Both women were wearing sunglasses, and each was wearing diamond jewelry that was probably worth more than the average college education. Plus, private jets can cost as much as $13,000 per hour to charter. It’s unclear where the two were going, but Jenner captioned the photo “Business meetings.” It could mean she’s was off to do more business and grow her brand even more.

She also has a massive car collection

Jenner’s private jet photo isn’t the only time she has shown off her money. Shortly before she posted that photo, she also gave fans a peak at her closet, which was filled with designer handbags. And she’s taken photos in her driveway as well, where fans have been able to see the insane number of cars she owns, including Range Rovers, Ferraris, and a Rolls Royce. Jenner might only be 22, but she has made a fortune for herself that 99% of us will never see, no matter how long or hard we work.