Photo of Kate Middleton Touching Prince William Proves They’re Still Breaking Royal Protocol Post-Quarantine

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge have always followed one of the most important royal family rules: No touching each other in public.

Other celebrity couples think nothing of throwing their arms around each other or even kissing in front of cameras. However, members of the royal family behave more like distant acquaintances than married spouses. There aren’t many photos of Prince William physically close to Kate or vice versa. Until now.

A recent photo of the future king with his wife is shocking because it shows Kate with her hand on Prince William. This sort of snapshot isn’t the norm for these two, but these days, who even remembers what normal feels like?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge played games in South Wales

Though Will and Kate took an extended break from royal engagements during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the pair was back out at Barry Island in South Wales. Video footage showed the duke and duchess having a bit of fun with arcade games.

Photos of the event were posted on the couple’s official Instagram page. In them, Kate can be seen with her hand resting on Prince William’s back as he worked on winning a stuffed animal from a claw machine. The post expressed encouragement for businesses trying to recover, especially the tourism industry.

Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t usually touch in public

William and Kate
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Ben Stansall – WPA Pool / Getty Images

They did pose beautifully on their wedding day for that essential balcony kiss. But other than that, the royal couple usually refrains from public displays of affection. They prefer to smile at each other from a polite distance rather than show affection through touch.

However, royal followers noticed the couple ramping up their PDAs after Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex started. It almost seemed as though the couples were in an unspoken competition to see who could push boundaries the most before getting a scolding from the royal courtiers.  

Kate Middleton awkwardly shrugged off William’s PDA

The couple seems close and connected during the outing which is a stark contrast to what happened in December 2019. At the time, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made headlines when Kate was spotted shrugging off her husband’s arm. Followers wondered if the duchess was concerned about showing affection in public or if the move indicated deeper marriage troubles.

Etiquette expert Myka Meier said that Prince William and Kate avoid public displays of affection to “remain professional.” She said they respect their positions as working representatives of the British monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth avoids PDAs too

Similarly, Queen Elizabeth does not show any displays of affection for her husband Prince Philip, especially not at official engagements. The precedent she sets has trickled down to her family members who look up to and respect her.

This latest instance of PDA between Will and Kate probably won’t be the last. Especially when Prince William takes the throne and changes the protocol to whatever he wants it to be.