Piers Morgan Criticized Gordon Ramsay and Fans Are Freaking Out

Feuds between British celebrities are sometimes more entertaining than ones in America considering acerbic British wit usually plays a big part in who wins. Since a lot of British stars are known here in America, we sometimes see the barbs fly between notables like Gordon Ramsay and Piers Morgan.

Both are controversial figures, but they’re both able to serve up entertaining bile about certain subjects. We know Piers Morgan is already known for his willingness to pick a feud with just about anybody. Now it’s with Gordon Ramsay who decided to create one of his very first vegan dishes.

It looks like Morgan met his match, because Ramsay can dish out snark better than any other Morgan target.

What started their feud?

This all started when Gordon Ramsay created a vegan dish and shared an image of it on Twitter. The new vegan item is on the menu at Ramsay’s London restaurant called Bread Street Kitchen.

You can’t blame Ramsay for wanting to get into the vegetarian market since it has a growing base. Even if Ramsay didn’t think much of vegan food beforehand, he obviously realizes what an important business opportunity it is to stay viable as a renowned chef.

Apparently Morgan knew Ramsay was vulnerable on this subject and decided to pick a fight. Morgan tweeted:

“Oh [for f–k sake], Ramsay… not you as well? This looks utterly revolting.”

As what commonly occurs, Morgan was barraged with trolls criticizing him for going after Ramsay’s vegetarian dish. Morgan defended himself (as he usually does) by saying Ramsay still likely hates vegetarian food, but just sold out to stay relevant.

Gordon Ramsay waited for the perfect time to respond

Ramsay could have tweeted Morgan back and created an entertaining social media argument. Rather than throw insults at one another, Ramsay decided to respond when appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Corden asked Ramsay about Morgan’s tweet and the former didn’t hesitate to respond with just as much bite:

“So Piers Morgan is now a food critic. Go and f–k yourself. Seriously, really? Seriously?”

Some might have wished to see this as an extended back & forth tweet war. Regardless, making a rebuttal on video is often more powerful, especially when Ramsay isn’t afraid to throw in the profanity bombs.

With Morgan being wealthy and always managing to safely pick a fight with anyone he sees fit, the response probably won’t faze him. We still have to wonder, though, whether Morgan will take things too far to a point where he’ll have the public gang up on him.

Will vegan culture go after Morgan and make his life hell?

According to statistics, vegans make up only 2% of the American population, yet are also very adamant in the dietary benefits. Ten percent of our populace are former vegans, despite still usually touting vegetarian dishes as being healthy.

Most of these people are willing to fight for their beliefs about not consuming meat. As a result, you have to wonder if Piers Morgan will end up like some unpopular politicians and be pestered everywhere he goes now.

Just imagine Morgan going into a renowned restaurant and ordering a massive steak. Someone might come up to his table and pester him for his criticism of vegetarianism, forcing him to leave the restaurant early.

In usual Morgan style, he’s recently turned the tables on Ramsay about latter’s prior vegan views.

Will some vegans look at Ramsay’s dish as hypocritical?

With Morgan tweeting that Ramsay once called vegans an allergy (and PETA “People Eating Tasty Animals”), we have to ask whether Ramsay’s vegan trend might backfire.

How will vegans respond to his vegan dishes knowing he once criticized veganism and may be doing this only for money?

It may turn into another argument about whether people can separate the person from the culinary artist.