The ‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Just Shared an Exciting Family Moment

Ree Drummond, the blogger and home cook known for her popular Food Network show The Pioneer Woman, has always been open about her life and family. She’s let the world inside her ranch, and in every episode of her show, she does her best to incorporate her life in some way. Now, she’s celebrating a major family moment and has shown it off for everyone to see.

Ree Drummond
Ree Drummond, also known as “The Pioneer Woman” | Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Drummond loves including her family in the show

Ever since The Pioneer Woman premiered on Food Network, people have tuned in to watch Drummond’s life on the ranch. While the show is focused on cooking, every recipe she makes has a back story, and it almost always involves a member of her family. It may be her husband’s favorite dinner or her daughter’s favorite dessert, but Drummond never fails to mention those she loves most. She also often invites her husband and kids to cook with her on the show — either that, or she cooks up a big lunch to bring them while they’re out working on the ranch or playing sports.

She has four children who have grown up before our eyes

The Pioneer Woman premiered nearly a decade ago, when Drummond’s kids were still very little. Her youngest son, Todd, was only about four years old when she began cooking for Food Network. And her oldest daughter, Alex, wasn’t even a teenager yet. But through the years, Drummond has opened her home and introduced the world to her children — and viewers have loved watching them all grow up. Drummond also filmed through the death of her mother-in-law and let people see the love her family has for one another. Her fans have been there through the good and bad, but now, there has been an exciting moment Drummond is happy to share.

Drummond recently shared her daughter’s senior photos as she prepares to graduate college

It’s hard to believe, but Drummond’s oldest daughter, Alex, is getting ready to graduate college in May. Four years ago, Alex went off to Texas A&M, and Drummond often mentioned on the show how much she missed her oldest daughter. She once walked viewers through an extensive care package she’d made for Alex, which included pretty much everything a college student could want. And now, Alex has reached the final stretch of school, and it’s a moment her family will never forget. Drummond shared the photos to her Instagram account with a heartfelt, funny caption about her daughter.

Drummond may be an accomplished businesswoman, but she always puts her family first

It’s easy to get caught up in the fame and success, but Drummond never fails to forget about her family. Every cookbook, television episode, and facet of her life involves her husband and kids, and somehow, she never overdoes it. People love hearing about her family as much as she loves talking about them, and everyone was happy to share in the joy of her daughter’s college graduation. Plus, there are three other kids who still need to graduate high school (and college), so there will be more heartfelt Instagram posts where this came from.

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