The Pixar Theory: Why Fans Believe Every Pixar Movie Is Connected

What started out as short films about knick-knacks and birds turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Since Disney acquired Pixar at an estimated $7.4 billion, the studio produced over a dozen movies, including their newest release, Toy Story 4. Some fans think that the easter eggs hidden into their films are no accident. Here is our explanation of the Pixar Theory and why some fans think Pixar connected their movies.

Pixar's iconic desktop lamp mascot
Pixar’s iconic desktop lamp mascot | FRANKIE TAGGART/AFP/Getty Images

What is The Pixar Theory?

They’re an award-winning studio known for their storytelling. Surely, there has to be a secret to their success. Some Disney and Pixar fans believe they cracked the code on Pixar’s movies. The title fans gave to this hypothesis is “The Pixar Theory.”

Popularized by Jon Negroni, this theory states that every Pixar movie is connected, from Toy Story, released in 1995, to Coco, released in 2017. Though these different stories never directly link the characters in one movie, some suggest the movies in this Universe take place over many centuries, illustrating a shift in control over Earth.

Toy Story Cast
Toy Story Cast | Pixar/Disney/Pixar via Getty Images

How are the Pixar movies connected?

There’s even a website dedicated to explaining how the Pixar theory works. According to, the start of Pixar’s Cinematic Universe is The Good Dinosaur. Following dinosaurs ruling the earth, humans rule the earth, which is illustrated by Merida in Brave. Thanks to the magic of the wisps, inanimate objects move and people transform into animals. It is this same magic of the wisps that gives superheroes their powers.

According to Pocket-Lint, who controls the earth shifts throughout the Pixar Cinematic Universe. First dinosaurs rule the earth, then humans, then machines, and, finally, intelligent animals.

There are many different adaptations of the Pixar Theory, each connects the stories differently. One thing that links them together is often notated as the easter eggs in the studio’s films. Their newest blockbuster hit, Toy Story 4, is no exception to those easter eggs, reportedly having over 100 scattered throughout the film.

Pixar often hides ‘easter eggs’ in their movies, including ‘Toy Story 4’

The Pixar movies are connected by their characters and their easter eggs. Creators often add these easter eggs, or hidden references to past movies, in their flicks. These connections are especially noticeable in Toy Story 4. Reportedly, the studio includes over 100 easter eggs for fans to find, many located in the antique store of Toy Story 4.

That includes Ernesto de la Cruz’ guitar from Coco, Ellie’s grape soda badge from Up, P. Sherman’s Goggles from Finding Nemo, and the Cookie Box from A Bug’s Life. Some fans even took to Twitter to poke fun at the studio for all the hidden gems in their movies.

Additionally, the Pixar Theory applies to Toy Story 4, some fans saying that Boo from Monsters Inc. is one of the children in Bonnie’s kindergarten class. Though she does not directly talk to Bonnie, a child with pigtails and a pink-purple top appears in the background of the scene.

“I know I’m not the only one that saw Boo from Monsters Inc and Ellie’s grape soda pin on Toy Story 4,” said one Twitter user. Pixar has not confirmed if the theory is correct.

Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story 4 is now available in theaters.