Plot Twist: Did Jenelle Evans Fake Nugget’s Death as a PR Stunt?

#JusticeForNugget trended for weeks. Concerned Teen Mom 2 fans and animal lovers alike have campaigned for justice for the 12lb French bulldog who was allegedly shot and killed by David Eason. Back in May 2019, CPS stepped in and removed the kids from the home in the wake of the allegations. On July 3 Evans and Eason were granted custody of their three children after a judge deemed the evidence presented by CPS to be “hearsay.” The decision seemed inexplicable at the time and shocked the collective Twitter-verse. It looks like the decision might not have been so off-the-wall, though. There is no actual evidence that Nugget was brutally murdered, and It is possible the entire situation was staged as a publicity stunt.

Police think Nugget’s death might have been a PR stunt

According to WECT News 6, police searched the property and found no blood evidence to suggest Nugget or any other animal was shot on the property. Eason did take to social media in the wake of the event to share a video claiming the dog snapped at Ensley, 2. In the now deleted post, he admitted to killing the dog for the transgression.

While everyone flocked to the internet to hurl hate at the couple, one crucial fact remains for the police, Nugget’s body has not been recovered. Without the remains, they have no evidence to suggest the dog was actually killed. Evans was asked if the dog was “missing” for publicity purposes. According to Page Six, she admitted to making up the story, but Evans denies the allegation.  According to E!, Jenelle also repeatedly changed her story during the investigation.

Evans denies the allegation but claims she has no idea where Nugget is

Evans is still going on about the entire thing when it would probably be better for her to sit down and be quiet. According to Cosmopolitan, the mother of three alleges that she has no recollection of what she said to police. At least, she doesn’t remember what she said during the initial investigation. Evans even claims that she can’t be sure if she said she heard a gunshot.

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I’ve been ATTACKED #LinkInBio

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Furthermore, the troubled reality TV star claimed that she hears gunshots at her home “all the time’. Apparently a neighbor regularly shoots off a canon. She didn’t elaborate on why someone would be shooting a canon.

Evans went on to state that while she believes Nugget is no longer with us, it’s hard to say for sure. She doesn’t have any answers about where the dog is. She also accused the Sheriff’s department of trying to craft their own PR stunt by accusing her of generating the story for publicity.

A reward was once issued for information about the pup’s location

The location of Nugget, whether dead or alive, remains unknown. A charity had offered a $10,000 reward for information that led to the site of the dog’s remains, but as of July 2019, the dog still has not been recovered.

The charity, The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, was seeking information about the dog’s remains so the police could move forward with their investigation. Without a body, the sheriff allegedly could not make an arrest for animal cruelty.

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No arrest has been made, even after finding out he not only shot Nugget – but slammed her neck into the kitchen table, and beat her almost to death. . They claim that Nugget’s body has not been recovered. But it was stated that she was shot next to the forest by their home. We are offering a $10,000 reward to the person that contacts our foundation with the whereabouts leading to finding the body, or can hand over the body to authorities. . We hope that other organizations will contribute to the effort to provide incentive to bringing about justice. The video we posted yesterday of Eason shows how unstable he is, and that action needs to be taken. . He is a ticking time bomb, someone who does this to an animal will go on to hurt others, and he has the weapons to do so. This man needs to be arrested and removed from society. . Companies like @mtv funding and spreading messages that this behavior is acceptable should be blasted and put on notice. . Please sign and share our petition, demanding that an arrest be made today. $10,000 reward to the person that provides us with the information on where Nugget’s body is buried. . We need to continue to exert pressure: North Carolina District Attorney: 1-855-290-6915 Email Columbus County Animal Control: (910) 641-3945 Columbus County District Attorney: (910) 641-4410 Columbus County Sherrif’s Office: (910) 642-6551 . #JusticeForNugget @animalhopeinlegislation @mtv @easondavid88

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While Nugget’s fate was once assumed, things seem to be a bit murkier now. Nugget would not be the first Teen Mom pet to die an untimely death or mysteriously disappear. What is known is that the dog does not currently reside with Evans and Eason. If the couple knows where the dog is, they are not telling.