Police Investigate a Suicide Pact at R. Kelly’s Chicago Residence

Chicago police were back at R. Kelly’s Chicago residence. According to reports, an anonymous tipster told police that several of Kelly’s girlfriends have a suicide pact and were planning to carry out their plan in the R&B star’s Trump Tower residence. The tip appears to stem from Kelly’s explosive interview with Gayle King and the follow-up interview that included a sit down with two of the rapper’s girlfriends.

R. Kelly Mugshot
R. Kelly poses for a mugshot photo (Photo by Cook County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images)

Kelly is accused of ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse. The Pied Piper of R&B is accused of running a sex cult, transporting underage women across state lines and videotaping his sexual encounters with women under the age of 18. If convicted, Kelly faces up to 70 years behind bars.

Chicago police don’t consider the suicide pact real

According to Essence, police rushed to Trump Tower to investigate the report but found nothing suspicious. While several women were located together, a wellness check revealed they had no plans to harm themselves. The tip came from an anonymous source.

Police have said that the tip seems to be a hoax and that they don’t believe there is a legitimate suicide pact or plot. The women were not taken into custody, and no one was transported to the hospital. The report came nearly a week after R. Kelly appeared in an explosive interview with Gayle King. Following the interview, two of R. Kelly’s girlfriends spoke out to defend him. Both women accused their parents of attempting to swindle the R&B star out of money.

King’s interview with Azriel Clary, 21 and Jocelyn Savage, 23 left many people unsettled. Their aggressive defense of Kelly mirrored the pattern of abuse that several of his victims were all too familiar with, according to The Grapevine. The pair allege that their relationship with Kelly is entirely consensual and the allegations against the ‘Ignition’ singer are entirely false.

Where is R. Kelly now?

 R. Kelly is out on bail and currently in Chicago. The disgraced R&B artist was released from prison on Saturday after being picked up last Wednesday for failing to pay child support. He appeared in front of a judge to request a reduction in child support payments just hours before the false tip was received by police. His request was denied.

R. Kelly and his lawyer
R. Kelly (R) and his attorney Steve Greenberg (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Before being picked up for failure to pay child support, Kelly was hauled in by Cook County officers for a plethora of child sex abuse accusations. Kelly was bailed out of jail by an anonymous friend. According to Billboard, the unnamed friend may be Valencia P. Love, a Chicago restauranteur.

According to ABC News, Love was asked if she posted the bond, and she admitted that she had. Love, however, alleges the money was Kelly’s not hers, and she just facilitated the transfer.