Popular Celebrities React to the Worst Interview Questions Ever

Celebrity interviews don’t always go as planned. Occasionally, even the most famous of journalists ask questions that are frankly quite terrible, which places the interviewee in an awkward position. Some attempt to provide some sort of answer and move along, while others simply express bewilderment, become extremely angry, or even walk out entirely.

Here are some of the ways that celebrities, from Anne Hathaway to Samuel L. Jackson, have reacted to the worst interview questions of all time.

1. Larry King asks Jerry Seinfeld whether Seinfeld was canceled

Larry King probably should have done more research before this interview with Jerry Seinfeld. During a 2007 conversation, King asked whether Seinfeld was canceled. Spoiler alert: It was not. “You gave it up, right?” King asked. “They didn’t cancel you, you canceled them?”

Seinfeld looked befuddled and, after a few seconds of silence, shot back, “You’re not aware of this? You think I got canceled? Are you under the impression I got canceled? I thought that was pretty well documented. Is this still CNN?” The comedian pointed out that Seinfeld was the most popular show on television, joking, “Do you know who I am?”

As King attempted to toss to commercial, Seinfeld continued to hammer him, asking for a resume for King to go over.

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2. Reporter asks Michael C. Hall why his relationship with Jennifer Carpenter ended

In 2013, Michael C. Hall endured an incredibly uncomfortable interview in Bangladesh. After a series of very basic questions that a simple Google search would answer, the reporter abruptly asks Hall about why his marriage failed. Not only is this a very personal question, but the journalist brings it up in the least delicate way possible.

The reporter simply asks, “So, Debra. Jennifer Carpenter. So, how did that end?” Hall is confused at first. But when he realizes what she meant, he gives a surprisingly eloquent response, saying, “Oh, well, you know, some relationships have a beginning, middle, and end. Though we are still, truly, friends.”

That wasn’t the end of the painful exchange, though, with the reporter then asking Hall yes or no questions about his current relationship status.

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3. Reporter asks Olivia Munn and Ken Jeong about paying their bill during a shooting

A reporter for Clevver News interviewed Olivia Munn and Ken Jeong in 2016, and her questions were out of the ordinary, to say the least. In reference to a scene in their movie where there’s a shooting in a nightclub, the reporter asks, “I’ve always wondered, and I think you guys would be able to advise me on this: what happens if there’s a shooting at the club you’re at but you haven’t paid your bottle service bill yet? Like, do you ask for the check or just run?”

Munn and Jeong seem as taken aback by this as anyone would be. After a pause, Munn points out that if there’s a shooting, you should run or try to save people. Jeong agrees, but it only gets worse from there. Later in the interview, the reporter asks Jeong, a former doctor, to take a look at her tonsils. She’s clearly trying to joke around, but Munn and Jeong aren’t into it, resulting in a cringe-worthy four minutes.

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4. Matt Lauer asks Anne Hathaway about a wardrobe malfunction

Back in 2012, Matt Lauer interviewed Anne Hathaway about her role in Les Miserables. There are so many possible questions to ask her about her powerful performance. But Lauer decided to open by asking about a “wardrobe malfunction” that paparazzi had recently captured.

Lauer first creepily tells Hathaway, “We’ve seen a lot of you lately.” He then asks, “You had a little wardrobe malfunction the other night. What’s the lesson learned from something like that?”

The question surprises Hathaway at first, but she comes back with a masterful response. “I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies sexuality of unwilling participants, which brings it back to Les Miserables because that’s what my character is.”

Years later, when Lauer was fired after being accused of sexual misconduct, this interview took on a new light.

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5. Reporter asks Paris Hilton whether her moment has passed

This ABC News interview with Paris Hilton is surprisingly harsh, with the journalist, Dan Harris, asking Hilton, “Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?”

This came after Harris had already asked if Hilton has been overshadowed by Kim Kardashian and whether she’s upset by her show’s low ratings. When Harris finally gets to the question about her moment passing, Hilton doesn’t even respond, just looking off camera and walking off.

After a talk with her publicist, Hilton reluctantly resumes the interview, answering the question by saying that she continues to try to reinvent herself.

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6. Reporter asks Christina Hendricks about being a “full-figured woman”

In this 2012 interview, a reporter tells Christina Hendricks that she’s an inspiration because she’s a “full-figured woman.” She also asks Hendricks for a story about her inspiring someone because of her size.

At first, Hendricks just laughs and says, “I don’t know.” She’s obviously offended by the term “full-figured” and doesn’t know what to say.

According to BuzzFeed, off-camera, Hendricks said she thought the reporter calling her full-figured was “just rude.” The interview then resumes, with Hendricks hoping the reporter would move on. But she does not, asking the same question a second time and using the phrase “full-figured” again.

Hendricks laughs in disbelief as her publicist can be heard off camera telling the journalist to ask something else, which she finally does.

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7. Reporter asks Cara Delevingne whether she’s tired during an interview

Cara Delevingne’s 2015 interview with Good Day Sacramento didn’t get off to a great start, with one of the anchors calling her “Carla.” After getting her name wrong, the hosts ask a series of fairly boring questions, such as whether she read the book Paper Towns before being in the movie. Delevingne, apparently having grown sick of all of these interviewers asking the same things, provides a series of sarcastic answers.

The interview was already fairly awkward. But then one of the hosts makes it worse by asking Delevingne why she doesn’t seem excited and wondering whether she’s tired. Delevingne actually recoils because of how strange and aggressive the question is, letting out an uncomfortable laugh as she says no.

The hosts just won’t let it go, though, with another anchor chiming in to say she seems irritated. They finally end the interview early and tell Delevingne to go take a nap, proceeding to make fun of her as soon as she’s gone. Needless to say, Delevingne has not returned to Good Day Sacramento. 

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8. Reporter asks Tom Hardy about his sexuality

The last thing Tom Hardy expected to talk about while promoting Legend was his sexuality. Yet that’s what is brought up during this press conference. A reporter in the audience asks Hardy about his “ambiguous” sexual preference, saying, “Do you find it hard for celebrities to talk to media about their sexuality?”

After a pause, Hardy responds, “What on Earth are you on about?” He goes on to say that no, he doesn’t find it difficult for celebrities to talk about their sexuality. He then poses a question to the reporter: “Are you asking about my sexuality?” The reporter meekly says “sure,” to which Hardy shoots back, “Why?”

Before the reporter can say anything, Hardy simply offers a “thank you” and moves on.

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9. Reporter asks Jonah Hill about being ‘the fat guy’

While promoting his new animated series Allen Gregory in 2011, reporters asked Jonah Hill some pretty terrible questions. But the worst comes from a journalist who asks the actor, who had lost a tremendous amount of weight, “Are you still considered the fat guy when you go to a party?”

Hill is not amused, wincing and saying, “Do you have any other questions that are smart?” The bad questions do not stop coming, though. Other reporters ask Hill why he decided to lose weight (because he wanted to get healthy, obviously) and whether he’s happy that his movie was successful (he was, obviously).

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10. Reporter asks Samuel L. Jackson a question thinking he’s Lawrence Fishburne

In a quite infamous interview, KTLA reporters interview Samuel L. Jackson, and one asks about a Super Bowl commercial Jackson was recently in. The only problem? Jackson wasn’t in a Super Bowl commercial. That was Lawrence Fishburne.

Jackson immediately asks, “What Super Bowl commercial?” Some awkward silence follows as someone informs the reporter that Jackson is not Fishburne. As soon as Jackson realizes what happened, he goes off on the anchor for about four straight minutes, telling him, “We don’t all look alike!”

Since then, Jackson has been known to sport an “I’m not Lawrence Fishburne” shirt.

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11. Reporter asks Robert Downey Jr. about his dark past

When Krishnan Guru-Murthy spoke with Robert Downey Jr. in 2015 promote Avengers: Age of Ultron, the interview took a dark turn. About four minutes into the discussion, Guru-Murthy observes that Tony Stark is becoming a better man, much like Downey is himself. Downey clearly is not comfortable with where this is going, just saying, “Sure.”

Guru-Murthy then stumbles through a question about Downey’s past, to which Downey responds, “Are we promoting a movie?” When Guru-Murthy brings up Downey’s relationship with his father and asks whether he’s free of his past, this is the last straw.

Downey walks right out of the interview, saying it’s getting “a little Diane Sawyery” and calling the reporter a “schmuck.”

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12. Reporter asks Quentin Tarantino if movie violence causes real violence

That was hardly the first time that Guru-Murthy riled up a celebrity in an interview. A few years earlier, he interviewed Quentin Tarantino about Django Unchained and wanted to talk about how movie violence might inspire people to commit violence in real life. This is a question that Tarantino has been answering just about every time he has released a movie for the past 20 years.

Tarantino erupts fairly quickly, telling the reporter, “Don’t ask me a question like that. I’m not biting. I refuse your question.” Guru-Murthy could have dropped the subject when it was clear that Tarantino wasn’t going to answer, but he did not do so, resulting in one heck of an awkward exchange.

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13. Reporter doesn’t realize Mayim Bialik is a neuroscientist

In this interview at the SAG awards, a reporter asks Mayim Bialik whether people ever mistakenly believe her to be able to “solve calculus at the drop of a hat” because she’s on The Big Bang Theory. But that’s a pretty bad question considering Bialik actually can solve calculus at the drop of a hat, as the reporter would have known if he read even the first line of her Wikipedia page.

“I actually was trained in calculus for several years,” she points out. “Yeah, I’m a neuroscientist. So, you may not have known that.”

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14. Megyn Kelly asks Jane Fonda about plastic surgery

While speaking to Jane Fonda about a new Netflix film, Megyn Kelly brings up Fonda’s plastic surgery, which leaves Fonda shocked. After an awkward pause, Fonda just asks Kelly, “We really want to talk about that?”

Fonda immediately transitions back into the film she was there to promote, saying, “Let me tell you why I love this movie that we did, Our Souls at Night, rather than plastic surgery.” Luckily, Kelly drops the topic, and the subject of plastic surgery never comes back up.

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15. Reporter asks Duncan Jones why his movie is so bad

Very rarely do you see an interview where the reporter criticizes the celebrity’s movie. But that’s exactly what happened in this conversation with director Duncan Jones to promote Warcraft. When Jones says that he hoped the movie would establish the world and the characters, the reporter is sure to let Jones know that he did a terrible job at that.

The reporter then actually asks Jones, “Were you the right man to write the script ,but the wrong man to make the film?” Jones says he doesn’t think this is the case. Later, the reporter goes into issues he has with one of the movie’s characters and pitches his own version of the film that would have been “more coherent.”

Jones handles himself surprisingly well under the circumstances. But needless to say, the interview ends in a fairly awkward fashion.

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